David Chatfield

David Chatfield

David Chatfield was an inspiring figure who touched many lives with his kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness and brilliance. His example served to encourage people to work together in unity, within a community and towards achieving a common goal with mutual support and dedication.

He was a tireless activist who achieved remarkable results, working until his last days to promote justice and promote understanding among those he encountered. His enthusiasm, humor, kindness, fierce commitment to justice, uncompromising truth-telling and generosity of spirit will be greatly missed by all those who knew him.

Early Life and Education

David Chatfield began his professional life 30 years ago as an attorney and manager, representing music artists and producers. Subsequently, he co-founded Sound Image Entertainment – a nationally distributed record label and publishing company.

His early projects included representing film editors on Rambo, Commando, Beverly Hills Cop and Top Gun as well as writers for television shows like Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and Generations.

David dedicated his life to altering people’s perspectives on life and living. He was an eloquent, insightful, and compassionate activist who never wavered from his mission of combatting injustice.

He had a profound, lasting effect on many, both personally and professionally. Always willing to lend a helping hand, he set an example of working together in solidarity, strategically, with compassion – sharing his knowledge, experience and wisdom with others. He loved sharing his knowledge, skillset and wisdom with those around him.

Professional Career

Dave has been an accomplished cricketer for many years. Throughout his career, he represented several different teams.

He is renowned for his ability to bat well against spin, particularly on slow and difficult surfaces. Additionally, he has demonstrated that he can score big runs in T20 formats.

David Chatfield is an accomplished player for the Singapore national team and an excellent example of what can happen when an international career takes a new turn.

His professional career has earned him numerous awards and recognitions. Additionally, he is an acclaimed businessman who has spearheaded numerous projects. Most importantly, he is a proud father and husband.

Achievements and Honors

Chatfield was an exemplary and inspiring activist. He collaborated with leaders in more than 10 countries to promote credit union formation and was instrumental in passing Poland’s national credit union law.

He created the first national credit union political system, creating the foundation of today’s strong grassroots network. Additionally, he founded The Shapiro Group – a model program that has assisted hundreds of small credit unions.

David was honored with many distinctions throughout his life, such as receiving the U. S. Military Academy Legion of Merit in 1941; receiving the Congressional Gold Medal in 2006; and being awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2011). David lived a life filled with love and passion for all people, dedication to his family and dear friends, and an ambition to bring peace to the world.

Personal Life

David Chatfield is an American businessman and TV personality best known for his role as Executive Producer on The Rubin Report.

Chatfield is an attorney and manager who represents global companies, music artists and producers as well as motion picture and television writers, producers, actors and editors. He owns his own law practice and is a partner at C & A Management.

He serves as a music industry career consultant to several artists, such as international pop singer David Aldo (from South Africa with 7 number one hit singles), Keith Chagall, Carmen Perez and Grammy award winning producer/songwriter Heather Holley.

He serves as a board member for numerous non-profit organizations. Previously, he served as Pacific Southwest Regional Director of Greenpeace and chaired their national board for two years.

Net Worth

David Chatfield is a bestselling author, businessman, and attorney. His extensive legal career includes representing global companies, music artists/producers, motion picture/television writers/producers/editors.

He owns a recording company and management firm. Furthermore, he runs his publishing company and has authored several books.

In 2018, Chatfield’s net worth is estimated to be $5.7 million. He has also acquired considerable wealth through his work as a political and media consultant.

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