David Charalambous

David Charalambous

David Charalambous is a communication expert who has spent 25 years consulting multinational clients and working one-on-one with people from all backgrounds. His mission is to teach people how to effectively communicate so they can achieve their objectives.

He has conducted an in-depth investigation into why conversations are becoming more strained and polarized in current times. He believes COVID is being used as part of a “divide-and-conquer” strategy.

Early Life and Education

David Charalambous was born in Bowes Park, north London and attended Tottenhall Infants’ School, St Michael-at-Bowes Junior School and Chace Boys’ Comprehensive School before attending law school at Liverpool’s John Moores University. Since then he has served as Labour MP for Enfield Southgate for 18 months, unseating incumbent David Burrowes along the way.

David Charalambous has achieved remarkable political successes, but also a distinguished career in marketing and business. He founded Reaching People, a global communications and media agency that works with some of the world’s most renowned brands. It comes as no surprise that david charalambous is often sought out by corporate clients looking for creative yet effective ways to communicate with their customers.

Professional Career

David Charalambous is an expert communicator and the founder of Reaching People. With over 25 years of experience working one-on-one with individuals around the world – from mothers and fathers to athletes, high performers and business leaders – he knows communication inside out.

He possesses expertise in NLP, EFT, general semantics, system theory, process mapping and dynamics. He has created an innovative model of communication that draws upon models from many fields to explain symptoms clearly and create the conditions for successful dialogue.

He is a British Labour Party member who served as Shadow Wales Minister, Shadow Europe Minister and Personal Assistant to Ed Miliband from 2012 until 2016. Reappointed to Cabinet Office, Justice and Scotland positions in July 2015, he served until June 2016, supporting Owen Smith’s unsuccessful leadership challenge of 2016. In 2016, he supported Owen Smith’s unsuccessful leadership challenge but stood down in October 2016. Additionally, he was previously councillor for Cefn Cribwr councillor and member of United Nations Association’s Cardiff branch.

Achievement and Honors

David Charalambous has been around for some time. He founded Reaching People, a company that assists individuals in reaching their personal and professional objectives. It boasts an impressive list of clients from multinationals to local businesses and high-profile individuals from around the world. A small but dedicated team of experts strives to give clients all of the tools, techniques and strategies necessary for success in any given field.

Personal Life

David Charalambous has been married to Anne Meara since 1990 and they have two children – Eleni Callis, singer for popular band Yanni.

David has been a communication expert for over 25 years, working closely with individuals from all walks of life – from moms and dads to athletes, high performers and business leaders – to enhance their communication skillset.

David has created an innovative model of communication, drawing from various disciplines to create a clear and practical system for understanding human behaviour in relation to communication. This enables powerful messaging and creates the conditions for successful dialogue. David’s skillset have also been integrated into his business Reaching People; its primary mission is to make the world a better place by equipping individuals and communities with communication tools so they can build healthy relationships more effectively.

Net Worth

David Charalambous, the founder of Reaching People, has been providing consulting to multinational clients and working one-on-one with individuals from all walks of life for over 25 years. With a background in communication, his passion lies in aiding those looking to make an impact within their communities.

He is a well-known speaker on trauma and wellbeing. He has hosted various workshops and events to foster open discussion and understanding among his audiences.

By 2023, his estimated net worth will be $1.3 million. This income comes from his various projects and performances.

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