David Chana

David Chana – A Rapper With a Net Worth of $2 Million

King David endured untold humiliation and disgrace as a child, yet remained firm in his belief that God would bring justice to him. Even when his family and people turned against him, he never wavered in his faith that justice would ultimately be served by the Creator.

His mother, Nitzevet bat Adael, instilled in him the courage to stand by his beliefs despite any cruelty or rejection that came his way. This unshakeable faith in the Creator gave him the inner strength to tackle life’s obstacles with courage.

Early Life and Education

David Chana’s life was profoundly shaped by his family’s Jewish heritage. His father was a rabbi and he grew up in an Orthodox home in Debica, which had been invaded by German forces during World War II.

He had several siblings, including a sister named Esther. When the family fled, they settled in Radomysl Wielki village.

They later relocated to Dabrowa Tarnowska, where they met Pesia Kuchler and her brother.

In the 1940s, their family relocated from Zakopane to Krakow.

They enrolled in a private school and began learning Hebrew. Additionally, they took part in theater performances and other extracurricular activities. Earning high grades, they were considered leaders. Proud of their education, they made many friends along the way.

Professional Career

David Chana has had an illustrious professional career, marked by several noteworthy successes. As a reporter on NPR’s Planet Money program, he focused on science and economics topics.

He has extensive experience as both an educator and technology guru, holding a doctorate in particle physics. Additionally, he serves on the board of directors for a cybersecurity company.

David Chana is currently employed by OpenGov, a late-stage government tech startup located in Redwood City. As an avid technology enthusiast, he loves experimenting with hardware and software technologies. David finds the most rewarding aspect of his job to be the constant learning opportunities it affords him daily. Additionally, David loves spending time with family and friends; being part of their lives allows them to be involved more than ever before.

Personal Life

David and Chana Walles moved to Israel from Australia in 2008. Armed with economics and business marketing degrees from Monash University, the couple quickly made a name for themselves as successful tourism entrepreneurs by purchasing Eddie’s Kosher Travel in 2008.

While they were setting up their new business, they also had to adjust their lives and move to Israel itself. Both have come to realize that living abroad can be challenging but ultimately rewarding.

David and Chana have experienced a profound sense of gratitude throughout their lives. As they reflect upon all the opportunities and blessings that have come their way, it helps them remain dedicated to living kosher.

David’s mother instilled in him the importance of trusting his inner convictions, no matter the criticism or cruelty directed at him. Through constant awareness of His Creator and a burning desire to serve Him, David has found strength and peace within.

Net Worth

David Chana is a South African rapper with an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars.

He is one of the most sought-after rappers in South Africa and his music appeals to a broad range of listeners. Additionally, he has several endorsement deals under his belt.

He has collaborated with Japanese sportswear brand Asics Tiger on various projects and also performed at several successful concerts.

Since 2007, Motswakoriginator has been making music. In 2009, Lost in Time followed in 2012 and Planet of The Have Nots followed shortly thereafter; his most recent project will be released this spring.

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