David Chainyk II

David Chainyk II

David Chainyk II is a Construction Services provider based in Albany, New York and has lived in Guilderland, Altamont and Slingerlands since 2007.

He is survived by his parents, David and Jacqueline Chainyk of North Bethlehem; daughter McKenzie Chainyk-Driggers of Guilderland; grandson Elliot Driggers also of Guilderland; sister Davia (Michael) LaChapelle also of North Bethlehem; brother Corey Chainyk and Significant Other Elizabeth Diamantatos also of Guilderland; nieces Dustin, Casey, Cody, Cassidy, Lucas Chainyk; as well as many friends gathered around him.

Early Life and Education

David Chainyk was born on January 19, 1929 in Dorset, England to a Methodist family and attended his local church as a child. As an adult he went on to the London School of Economics and earned a degree in sociology; additionally teaching at the University of Texas at Dallas and being a member of both Sociological Society and American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is proud father to McKenzie Chainyk-Driggers from Guilderland as well as grandfather to Elliot Driggers from Guilderland. Survived by his parents David and Jacqueline Chainyk of North Bethlehem; sister Davia LaChapelle from North Bethlehem; brother Corey Chainyk along with significant other Elizabeth Diamantatos both from Guilderland; plus other relatives such as cousins Pauline Croghan from Canada who live nearby.

He is a retired sociologist from the London School of Economics who is renowned for his research on religion, social mobility and the protest movements that emerged during the 1960s.

Personal Life

David Chainyk II has lived in Albany, New York for 28 years and works as an engineer at Pinnacle Environment Systems. He began this profession back in 1990 and now devotes his time to family responsibilities – both as a father and husband. He is survived by his three children and parents David and Jacqueline Chainyk; McKenzie Chainyk-Driggers and her husband Jonathan Driggers from Guilderland; as well as grandson Elliot Driggers. He is survived by his sisters Davia LaChapelle of North Bethlehem and Corey Chainyk and Elizabeth Diamantatos of Guilderland; nieces and nephews Dustin, Casey (Lianna), Cody LaChapelle, Cassidy Chainyk; as well as many other relatives.

Net Worth

David Chainyk is an American social media influencer and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $20 million. His following on various platforms such as YouTube, Vine, and TikTok exceeds 45 million followers.

He is the founder of Clickbait, a clothing line selling hoodies, shorts and pants. In 2020 his empire earned him $16 million through corporate sponsorships with brands like EA, Bumble and SeatGeek.

He currently resides in a home located in Studio City, California which he purchased for $2.5 million in 2017 and listed for $3.5 million two years later in June 2021.

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