David Bialkowski

David Bialkowski, Organist at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Tonawanda, WNY

One of the 42 priests removed from ministry due to sexual abuse allegations is now an organist at a WNY Lutheran church. His name is David Bialkowski and he appears on the diocesan list of priests removed from ministry.

On February 11, 2018 the Reverend Timothy J. Anderson was removed from St John Gualbert parish in Cheektowaga after a man came forward to allege that he had touched his upper thigh and made suggestive remarks 10 years prior. Additionally, his name was added to the diocesan list of priests who have either been removed or retired due to sexual abuse on 3/20/18.

Early Life and Education

David Bialkowski, also known as david bielkowsky, a former Catholic priest who was removed from ministry following allegations of sexual abuse, has found a new career as an organist at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Tonawanda.

Bialkowski served as a priest at several Buffalo Catholic churches, including St. John Gualbert in Cheektowaga where he was accused of inappropriately touching one of his altar boys and making suggestive statements to another 10 years prior. In March 2018, his name was added to the list of clergy removed from ministry in New York State due to allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. Besides his religious duties, Bialkowski is an accomplished musician who has been active within the Buffalo music community for more than 50 years.

Professional Career

Dave Bialkowski is the Executive Vice President of JUJAMA Inc. and responsible for building strong customer relationships as well as managing sales teams and budget planning. Furthermore, his expertise lies in creating successful investor partnering platforms for biotech companies during Bioscience Week.

David Bialkowski has years of professional experience, yet still gets excited and anxious when THON approaches. As both an alumnus and member of Penn State Scranton’s Advisory Board, he is proud to be back at the event this weekend.

Bialkowski and Tabatabaie credit their involvement with THON as one of the most memorable events at Penn State; having a direct connection to pediatric cancer patients who benefitted from their fundraising efforts made it both “real” and motivating, they say.

Achievement and Honors

David Bialkowski has achieved great success during his brief but highly publicized stint as a parish priest, earning him many accolades along the way. But none quite compare to his 19 year marriage and responsibility for their wellbeing – they take up most of his time and attention while inspiring him to be an active doer in a community that needs someone like him. A quick glance at their church Facebook page reveals they enjoy cycling, golfing and beer drinking together! Additionally they have two lively daughters plus four spirited pups that complete their family dynamic.

Personal Life

Bialkowski is one of the 42 priests removed from ministry by the Buffalo Catholic Diocese after allegations of sexual abuse. Now he serves as organist at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Tonawanda.

Some of his alleged victims allege he molested them, touching their thighs and making suggestive remarks as teenagers. Additionally, they claim he was caught twice in a parked car late at night with a 16-year-old boy.

When a widow named Bialkowski executor of her estate, she left him $125,000. However, several distant cousins have filed complaints in court alleging that the woman was of sound mind and Bialkowski took advantage of her.

Net Worth

David Bialkowski’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. His primary source of income comes from his job as organist at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Buffalo, New York. He is also a freelance writer, and his blog The Catholic Survivor has become an increasingly popular platform for survivors of clergy sexual abuse to share their stories. However, questions remain regarding the legality and ethics of his current position as executor of a deceased woman’s estate. First, some of her distant cousins have filed complaints that Bialkowski failed to understand his duties or was unfit for serving as executor due to accusations of child molestation. This is a delicate situation that could take years to resolve; yet in the meantime he earns $125,000 for serving as Peters’ executor and another $59,000 from real estate commissions.

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