David Bertha

David Bertha

David Bertha is a former attorney who is currently the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against the Daily Herald and several other defendants. This case is currently pending in Kane County court.

No matter her legal struggles, she remains an iconic force to be reckoned with. While a lawsuit may put a strain on resources, it doesn’t diminish her legacy.

Early Life and Education

Bertha was born in Stony Creek, Michigan to parents who worked as farmers. Ultimately, Bertha attended college and earned a degree in education.

She married Paul Swarr and they immigrated to Israel in 1957. While there, Bertha worked as a teacher and writer, while also helping her husband with Sharon Tours.

David’s Aunt Bertha was raised in poverty in Russia, yet she managed to take advantage of the opportunities America provides immigrants. She works as a seamstress and even opened her own candy shop!

Professional Career

David Bertha has held positions in a variety of professions throughout his professional career. As a psychologist for over 35 years, his expertise encompasses community psychology.

His favorite part of his job was getting to know and befriend those he worked with. He enjoyed spending time with patients, engaging them in activities like mushroom hunting or fishing.

After retiring from his career, he became a grandfather and had many friends who supported him in his later years. Additionally, he enjoyed traveling, as well as sampling fine food and wine.

Achievement and Honors

Bertha David was an inspiring woman, dedicated to improving the lives of others and serving as a role model for many.

She served as secretary of the Russian War Relief committee and was involved in numerous organizations that supported Jewish women both here in America and Russia. Additionally, she held positions within the New Bedford United Jewish Appeal and on the board of directors of Hebrew Ladies’ Helping Hand Society.

Her contributions to archaeology were truly remarkable. She unearthed ancient human artifacts and spearheaded excavations at numerous ancestral Pueblo sites, which have been instrumental in our understanding of pre-historic American life. A true pioneer, she also served as an outstanding scientist.

Personal Life

Bertha was a devoted Christian all of her life, and her faith helped her through difficult times. She enjoyed spending time with family and friends, and had an innate compassion.

Her devotion to God and religion was evident through her many years of volunteering at her church. She was active in Naomi’s Circle and the choir at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Bertha’s diary is a remarkable record of her thoughts and feelings during an especially trying time in her life. It includes her candid opinions about war and conflict, literature, personalities, faults and virtues of others – all beautifully expressed.

Net Worth

David Bertha is an American television personality and news reporter. Currently, she works as a general assignment reporter for CNBC at the Nasdaq Market Site in Times Square, covering financial and business news stories.

She was born on December 28, 1961 and holds dual citizenship as both Cuban-American and American. Estimates place her net worth at $876,544.

Her net worth is mainly due to her work as an anchor and reporter. With such a large audience, she’s able to earn quite a substantial income.

Bertha prioritizes keeping her personal life private despite her busy career. She prefers to keep the details of her marriage and children private.

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