David Berninger

The National’s David Berninger and His Brother Tom Berninger

David Berninger is currently employed at Valley National Bank as First Senior Vice President, Deputy Chief Risk Officer and Director of Enterprise Risk Management. He resides in Great Neck, New York.

David Berninger has extensive professional experience, having held leadership roles at multiple companies and practicing law for more than four decades.

Early Life and Education

Dave is an expert computer user, and he approaches each task with a positive outlook and infectious smile. He currently serves as church administrator at Carmel Christian Church.

Berninger began his studies under local landscape painters Orlando Wales and A.N. Lindenmuth before spending three years under Walter Baum’s tutelage at Kline-Baum School – predecessor to today’s Baum School of Art – founding of his school of painting and drawing with oils on canvass.

Berninger captured the soft pastel glow of early spring in paintings after paintings. To achieve depth, he worked from back to front – moving from pencil sketch to charcoal outline then painted sky. Additionally, he took nature’s temperature by depicting how gray winter skies imitate concrete or papier-mache structures by mixing colors lightly then applying them in strong yet subdued strains.

Professional Career

David Berninger, front man for The National, has achieved great success in music. He’s toured across America and earned himself numerous nominations. Despite being a busy touring musician, David still manages to find time for family and friends. His brother Tom is an established roadie on the big stage, often seen exchanging banter about life, work and travel. Additionally, they are credited with managing two bands currently touring or in the studio – most notably neo-psychedelic rock band the Counting Crows. Thankfully for them, they can rest soundly at night knowing that their camps are supported by some of the finest and brightest talent around. To find out more about the Berninger brothers and their latest in psychedelic rock, visit their official website today!

Achievement and Honors

David Berninger stands out in a world full of accolades and awards as the recipient of more than just one. A founding director of the National Science Foundation and member of the National Academy of Sciences, Berninger was also co-founder of Valentine Research – an innovator in radar technology.

He was also an honorable mention winner in several prestigious competitions, such as the National Science Foundation’s High School Research Project and University of South Dakota’s David L. Boren Scholarship program. Aside from his professional successes, Berninger is also an avid reader; one of his favorite books was a history of golf that inspired him to learn more about the game – and he still enjoys playing it after all these years!

Personal Life

Matt Berninger, the lead singer of The National, has recently been exploring the world from others’ perspectives. Currently he and his brother Tom are working on a television series based on their pseudo-documentary Mistaken for Strangers as well as a musical adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac with their wife and frequent collaborator Carin Dessner.

He currently holds the positions of First Senior Vice President, Deputy Chief Risk Officer and Director of Enterprise Risk Management at Valley National Bank. With over one year in the bank, his responsibilities encompass online banking, mortgages, business and commercial banking, personal banking services as well as insurance products.

David Berninger has been an outstanding employee at the bank, aiding many customers with their banking needs. He can be trusted with your finances and will always be there to assist you when needed.

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