Dave Verification

Dave Verification

Dave verification helps people avoid expensive overdraft fees by accessing their paychecks ahead of schedule. In addition, the company provides small cash advances, credit cards and budgeting tools.

To be eligible for a cash advance, you must have an active bank account with direct deposit enabled and be able to repay the borrowed amount when receiving your next pay check.

Professional Career

Dave Verification is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Truework, a company that offers an expeditious and automated way to verify employee income, employment status and tax status. Prior to starting Truework he spent 35 years as a revenue agent for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), serving in various roles such as quality reviewer, international tax examiner and global team manager.

Dave also operates a cash management account, called Dave Banking. This provides customers with a Visa debit card and access to thousands of fee-free ATMs worldwide.

Achievements and Honors

Dave verification has been an inspiration to so many throughout his life. He has persevered through many hardships and continues to strive towards perfection.

He has received numerous accolades, including being nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for his book A Child Called “It.”

Dave was also a research scientist with the US Bureau of Reclamation, studying snowpack and precipitation processes. He spearheaded one of Sierra Nevada’s largest winter storms research projects.

Additionally, he has earned two awards for his doctoral research: the Outstanding Doctoral Student from Georgia Tech’s environmental engineering program and the Sixth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds Student Paper Competition. Currently, he works as a senior staff engineer in Geosyntec Consultants’ Columbia office in Maryland.

Personal Life

Dave offers a number of appealing features, such as an automated budgeting system and access to flexible side jobs. Furthermore, it does a better job at keeping your bank account healthy than some traditional banks do.

The app also comes equipped with some cool features, like a virtual barcode scanner that scans a photo of your driver’s license to verify your identity. Plus, you can use the app on either smartphone or laptop – meaning no need to leave home to get some money in your pocket!

Dave’s cash advances are easy to sign up for, and you can even enjoy free mobile banking if your bank is compatible. Plus, the company provides a useful online dashboard that keeps an eye on spending habits and alerts you when close to overdrafting.

Net Worth

Dave Verification’s estimated personal net worth is approximately $55 million. As an entrepreneur, Dave has created several successful companies such as his popular board game and storytime book set for kids. Furthermore, he owns a 47-acre campus in Tennessee and is developing a hotel management company.

Under SEC Rule 506 (c), businesses selling securities must obtain proof that an investor is an accredited investor. They can do this by asking the investor to self-verify their assets and liabilities, or ask an investment adviser, broker or investment banker for proof. Before this rule was issued by the SEC, many businesses simply asked accredited investors to sign a statement attesting their status; however, few requested more detailed financial data.

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