Dave Monnot

Dave Monnot – Illinois Class 5A Offensive Tackle

Monnot was a French composer and singer best known for writing songs for Edith Piaf, who later became her friend and collaborator.

Monnot was raised in Decize, France amidst an atmosphere of music. Her father was an accomplished musician while her mother gave piano and harmonium lessons.

Early Life and Education

Marguerite Monnot was born in Decize, a small French city on the Loire River. Her father Gabriel Monnot served as organist at Saint-Are church while Marie offered music lessons to children within their home.

At eighteen, she began composing popular music and quickly rose to become one of France’s premier songwriters. She wrote songs for singers such as Jacques Brel and Yves Montand before striking up a songwriting partnership with Edith Piaf in 1940.

Monnot-Piaf’s musical partnership was one of the most notable in pop music history. They collaborated on numerous songs together, such as “La goualante du pauvre Jean,” which became a major hit across several countries. These tracks often combined classical elements with jazz-influenced instrumentals.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Monnot, an Offensive Tackle from Joliet, Illinois with a 2-47Sports Rating of 83 is considered a three-star prospect. He helped lead his team to win the Illinois Class 5A state title and amassed 466 yards rushing while doing it!

He was honored with induction into the Varsity Football Hall of Fame, and is remembered on many sports memorabilia pieces. Dave is survived by his wife of 27 years, Tonya (nee Van Buren) and their two children Madeleine and David. As an ardent family man and avid traveler – as well as looking forward to a successful future in his chosen profession – Dave leaves an impactful legacy that his loved ones will miss dearly; with unyielding optimism and dedication driving him forward towards success!

Personal Life

Marguerite Monnot, best known for writing Edith Piaf’s music such as “Hymne a L’Amour” and “Milord”, was an early pioneer of her field, classically trained both by her father and at Paris Conservatory where her teachers included Nadia Boulanger and Vincent d’Indy.

After poor health forced her out of concert piano performance at age 18, she made an unusual transition into popular music composition. With Piaf, they formed France’s first female songwriting duo; both remained friends and collaborators throughout most of their lives.

Monnot achieved great success with her 1955 adaptation of Alexandre Breffort’s book Irma la Douce. This production toured both London and Broadway before Billy Wilder directed its movie version starring Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon.

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