Dateline Before The Storm Crystal

Crystal McDowell Goes Missing Two Days Before Hurricane Harvey Hits Texas

It was two days before Hurricane Harvey hit Texas when Crystal McDowell went missing. Her family and friends suspected something was up, but they were unsure what exactly was going on. Thankfully, a few friends came to their rescue.

A friend found Crystal’s Mercedes Benz sitting in the parking lot of a Motel 6. Her car had been unlocked and keys had been placed in the console. The fact that the vehicle had been left there made it a prime candidate for theft. But a photo of the license plate showed that the number was above the water. The rising waters of the hurricane made it impossible to collect any crime scene lab results. This was a major setback in the investigation.

As Hurricane Harvey hit, the flood waters of Houston began raging. Law enforcement officials began to use their resources to help others. The authorities scoured the area looking for clues, and the car was one of them. Eventually, the police located the car in a flooded motel parking lot. However, the police were unable to figure out what had happened to Crystal.

Steve Adams was the main person of interest in the mystery. Despite being a friendly ex, Adams lied about everything. He claimed to have a “friendly divorce.” The fact that he had a wedding ring was a gimmick, but the fact that it was there was something.

Crystal was a beloved member of her community. She was a real estate agent and a mom of two. Her love for her children was unmistakable. She also liked to travel, and was a great host. She reportedly was getting ready to take her kids on a trip to Dallas. Her ex was threatening to hurt the kids. This made Crystal hesitate to pursue a divorce.

Crystal’s family knew there was something wrong. Crystal was last seen leaving her boyfriend’s home in Baytown, Texas. She was wearing a white suit and white blouse. She was also wearing a nice necklace. She had just gotten a new cell phone. But her new boyfriend was not the smartest guy in the world.

The fact that Crystal’s car was found in a flooded parking lot is something that’s not lost on her family. She had left a bunch of positive messages on her Facebook page. She even told her friend that she was getting a little scared of her ex. Clearly, her love for her children and her ex was not a match.

When Crystal was first reported missing, her ex said she was never in the area. She also stopped responding to her texts. But a few days later, her uncle Jeff called Steve McDowell to say that Crystal had been found. That’s when the investigation began. It’s no secret that Steve is a self-centered, manipulative, and selfish man. He’s also not the best at letting go of the past.

The mystery surrounding Crystal McDowell’s disappearance continues. The case has sparked much discussion, but has yet to be solved. She was only 13 years old when she disappeared.

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