Dark Reign Black Panther

Black Panther Movies Other Than the Dark Reign

Whenever we see a black panther, we immediately think of the Dark Reign movie. But there are many other great movies with black panthers. Here are some of them.


Despite the glaring absence of T’Challa, the Black Panther has his sister, Shuri. She is a fierce warrior and skilled martial artist. A heiress to Wakanda’s throne, Shuri is not only a strong fighter, but also a leader who takes responsibility for her people.

Shuri is the youngest child of T’Chaka, King T’Challa’s father, and Queen Ramonda. She has an ego that is as big as T’Challa’s. Nevertheless, Shuri is also highly intelligent. Her intelligence and high level of education is comparable to that of Tony Stark.

Shuri is also a skilled martial artist and character engineer. She has a keen sense of smell and hearing. She is also trained in Wakandan weaponry and technology.


Introducing the Black Panther, a half Wakandan prince who has an affinity for violence. He has a penchant for killing other Black people, and believes that dying puts him on the same plane as a captured African who jumped ship to escape slavery.

The Black Panther is a fictional character, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966. He is the son of Prince N’Jobu, who was killed by King T’Chaka. His mother died in prison shortly after her son’s death. T’Chaka didn’t tell the rest of the royal family the truth, and only N’Jobu knew of his death.


Despite being one of the youngest members of the Avengers, Azari is actually one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU. This is due in part to his genetics, but also his physical strength and agility. Azari is capable of launching highly concentrated electric force fields through his hands and body. He can also use electricity to project Panthers. He also has an impressive healing factor. His white blood cells are powerful enough to cure cuts and wounds within minutes.

Azari T’Challa is the son of the Black Panther and Storm. He was born during the “Ultron Revolution” and grew up in an underground city in Wakanda. He is trained by former heroes, and is part of the Next Avengers.

Olumo Bashenga

Among the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s myriad characters, the Black Panther is perhaps the most recognizable. His illustrious predecessors include T’Chaka, S’yan, and the titular monarch. A renaissance guy, he is the epitome of the African man of steel, and has the requisite clout to do whatever it takes to keep his kingdom in check. The title of the next king is not a bad fit, and the crown is a well-deserved one. Aside from the obvious, T’Challa’s powers are not without their fair share of ills. His enemies include a bunch of ogres and a couple of villains from the past.


Whether you’re a fan of Marvel’s Black Panther comic book or Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, you’re bound to know about the Black Panther’s predecessor, Nehanda. This legendary warrior of Wakanda has been groomed to be a warrior from her birth. Her father taught her strategies and tactics and helped her to hone her cunning.

Nehanda is also a talented inventor. Her body is enhanced to be on par with the best in the human species. She has improved her resilience, endurance, and agility, and can perform feats of strength that ordinary humans can’t even contemplate.


During the Doomwar story arc, Wakanda is conquered by Doctor Doom. This event changed Wakanda’s place in the Marvel Universe and left lasting consequences for the new Black Panther.

The Doomwar story arc spanned the Marvel Universe, and featured heroes from all over. Doctor Doom has fought heroes from the Fantastic Four and X-Men, among many others. He has also fought Deadpool, and is considered to be the most powerful super villain in the world.

Doom has a complicated relationship with Wakanda. He was involved in their rise to power. He helped The Desturi gain access to vibranium, which was a source of infinite power. He established factories throughout the world.

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