Daniel Whittington

A Profile of Daniel Whittington

Daniel Whittington is an entrepreneur who created a whiskey tribe by dismantling any air of elitism associated with whiskey appreciation. He hosts YouTube channels such as Whiskey Vault and Whiskey Biscuits as well as founding the first whiskey sommelier school.

His life will be deeply missed by Wendy, his wife of over 50 years; their two sons Jeremy and James; grandchildren Kaden and Callum; as well as an extended family in Indiana.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Whittington has worked tirelessly to reach his current position. He has accomplished much professionally, while reaching out to many individuals – earning numerous awards and accolades in recognition of his contributions to mankind.

He is a licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Floodplain Manager who currently works as the Senior Project Engineer of Waggoner Engineering from South Carolina remotely, specialising in watershed projects.

Peggy Ruth Pullin was his companion for 51 years. They shared five daughters and several grandchildren together. John L. Whittington attended Friendship Baptist Church in Lansing, Michigan and is survived by his wife Peggy; brother John; sisters Bettie Smith and Estella Curtis as well as many nieces, nephews, cousins and special friends.

Professional Career

Daniel Whittington hosts both Whisky Vault and Whisking Biscuits YouTube shows, is a level 3 whiskey sommelier, and leads the Wizard Academy whiskey marketing school in South Austin Texas.

In 2015 he competed on the ATP Challenger circuit where he and Alex Bolt reached two semi finals before qualifying for Wimbledon Championships Men’s Doubles but losing in round 1.

Daniel began writing Americana and Texas roots style songs in 2009 and currently plays them around Europe and North America. Additionally, he has begun an album recording project which should be complete by 2020.

Achievement and Honors

He is a member of Kiwanis Club and received their Kiwanian of the Year award. Additionally, he served as local facilitator for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and provided community service through volunteering for Oxford-Lafayette County Habitat for Humanity as well as providing relief following natural disasters.

He has won several awards from world renowned universities for his energizing contributions to humanity. Through hard work and determination he has reached this level.

He has been an amazing inspiration to his followers, inspiring them to believe that anything is possible and appreciated his work from all corners of the globe. After much struggle and hardship he has finally reached this level in his journey of giving back to humanity. There’s still more he needs to learn before continuing this path to greatness.

Personal Life

Even though he’s now internationally famous, he remains grounded. His small family consists of three children and two grandchildren whom all bring great happiness to him.

He enjoys making music, touring with multiple garage bands throughout his life. When his rheumatoid arthritis began limiting him from playing guitar or bass guitar anymore, he still managed to play bass at his local church service.

Now he is returning to his musical roots by writing more Americana and Texas-style songs, recording one three song EP every two months and eventually compiling all these recordings into an album which will be released digitally through his website for purchase at your own discretion. These EP’s are available as pay-what-you-feel downloads.

Net Worth

Whittington has achieved incredible success in his professional life, reaching an international audience. To reach this status, he endured considerable struggle and sacrifice to get where he is today – always seeking to provide people with what is best for them.

He is an engineer working for a full-service economic development, planning, program management and engineering firm in South Carolina with more than three decades of experience and is licensed as both a Professional Engineer and certified Floodplain Manager. Additionally he hosts YouTube’s Whiskey Biscuits show while leading Wizard Academy whisky marketing school located in South Austin Texas; through these endeavors he has amassed an estimated net worth of more than two million dollars.

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