daniel walksburger

Miami Marlins Outfielder Daniel Walkowitz

Daniel Walksburger has produced an astounding.954 OPS while contributing two home runs and 11 RBI for Miami during their playoff push.

Dan was hired to represent nine members of Gustavo Fring’s gang and paid regular visits while Mike Ehrmantraut pretended to be his paralegal.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Walkowitz, born and raised in California and married to Patricia, has four children together with Patricia. Daniel graduated from Biola University with honors before receiving a PhD at Dallas Theological Seminary where he was given magna cum laude status for his thesis work. Daniel has written several books including Public History Today as well as appearing regularly on television and radio programming.

He has contributed articles and book reviews to publications like the Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, Washington Times, Weekly Standard and Kindred Spirit, among many others. Additionally he has written four festschrift chapters.

Professional Career

He has worked on numerous film and television projects, such as Public History Today, The Molders of Troy and Perestroika From Below. Additionally, he has published books on historical subjects as well as contributed to magazines like the Washington Times and Insight on the News.

He is perhaps best-known for his portrayal of Dan Wachsberger on Breaking Bad. Wachsberger would visit Mike’s henchmen at the meth lab to play music and promise them payment.

Personal Life

Dan is an avid sports fan and movie watcher. He is a strong supporter of both NJ Shakespeare Theatre and NJPAC as well as being part of their Board of Trustees and New Jersey Historical Commission membership.

His passion for public history has inspired him to direct several documentary films, such as The Molders of Troy, Public History Today and Perestroika From Below.

He is the proud husband of Martha MacCallum Gregory and together they have three children: Edward Reed Gregory, Harry MacCallum Gregory and Elizabeth Bowes Gregory. Both his parents had significant influences in his upbringing: his father founded Gregory Packaging Incorporation while his mother was an enthusiastic music lover and philanthropist.

Net Worth

GuruFocus reports that Daniel Hamburger outperformed market benchmark returns with investments purchased within 3 months in both transactions he completed, for an average return of 4.24%.

Gregory Porter, PJ Morton and Kendrick Lamar are among his musical influences; additionally, he founded NX Zero as an emocore band in 2001.

He is an esteemed YouTube star with over 5 million subscribers on his channel. Known for his humorous prank videos featuring couples, as well as hosting Mondays Without Laws (analogous to Joseph Robinson’s show). Additionally, his vlogs and music videos have garnered him popularity with viewers around the world. With an estimated net worth of $5 Million and currently single status living in Los Angeles he currently holds onto $5 Million worth in assets.

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