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The Lion’s Den by Daniel Nathans

This chapter introduces us to Daniel as an interpreter of dreams, revealing key themes which will recur throughout the book. Daniel finds himself thrust into the Lion’s Den. We see his first dramatic appearance and are introduced to themes which will return throughout his story.

Why does God provide Daniel with more specific historical details in this vision than in earlier chapters? What can this teach us about God’s sovereignty?

Early Life and Education

Daniel Nathans was born in Wilmington, Delaware to Samuel and Sarah Nathans and attended public schools before beginning to work part-time jobs beginning at age 10. In addition, Daniel studied both chemistry and philosophy.

As a teenager, he became interested in surgery and volunteered at the Red Cross aid station. He was intrigued by doctors and wanted to become one himself.

Offenders at Price Daniel Unit benefit from health, vocational and educational programs designed to promote their wellbeing and rehabilitation. Literacy courses (GED/Computer literacy/GED), self-help/substance abuse treatment classes as well as visits on Saturday/Sunday with two hour visits that may be split up into two sessions are available. Visitation hours vary per inmate’s approved list with visitors only permitted on one or both visits per visitation day (typically two-hour long visits are split into two).

Achievement and Honors

Daniel is part of the Honors College staff, teaching Honors Public Speaking and building community support for his college. When not working he enjoys hiking, trail running and playing instruments.

As an award recipient and honoree of numerous military organizations and events, he received multiple medals of honor, the Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Medal and three Letters of Commendation. Furthermore, he earned the China Relief Expedition Medal, Philippine Campaign Medal with two bronze stars, World War I Victory Medal (with Aisne, St Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne and Defensive Sector clasps) as well as several other distinctions and recognitions.

He received the DAISY Award in 2023 for his compassionate care of an 87-year-old patient at Flagler Health+. This international program recognizes nurses for their kindness and skill. As part of this honor he received both a stone-carved Healers Touch trophy as well as a DAISY winner’s pin.

Personal Life

Brittnay McCall vividly remembers her first meeting with Daniel. Despite initially feeling skeptical, Daniel quickly won her over with his generous spirit and infectious humor. Since then she has relocated from Pace, Georgia to Ohio State University in Columbus where she continues serving others just like Daniel did.

No indication in Scripture exists of Daniel being castrated as an eunuch; however, many slaves were castrated during his past service in Babylon during this period and gardener Daniel was particularly sympathetic towards meeting their needs.

His sensitive nature led him to travel across Europe begging for spiritual and material support for Africa from King, Queen, Bishops and Nobles alike. Additionally, he advocated tirelessly for missionary work within the Church.

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