Daniel Stephens

Daniel Stephens

Daniel Stephens is a filmmaker specializing in environmental and social justice projects. He co-founded goodfocus production company to work with non-profits and companies with sustainability focus.

He has conducted multiple environmental investigations for complex mining and milling operations involving copper, uranium and zinc; petroleum hydrocarbon releases at refineries and service stations; wood treating facilities; deep well injection; deep well recharge, deep well disposal systems as well as deep well injection wells – even creating an educational course on vadose zone hydrology.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Stephens is an artist specializing in paintings depicting astronomy-related topics such as solar eclipses and skyscapes. He served as expedition artist for the Hayden Planetarium-Grace Peruvian Eclipse Expedition and has shown his works at various art colonies including Rose Valley Art Colony in southeastern Pennsylvania and Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Stephens has published numerous scientific articles and presented his research at national symposia sponsored by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Environmental Study Group and American Geophysical Union. Additionally, he has worked with an array of clients such as attorneys, law firms mediators and Native American tribes.

He is passionate about helping community-based healthcare advocates expand their impact and reach through strategy and efficiency. Together with his wife, they enjoy engaging in outdoor sporting activities as well as volunteering at local events.

Professional Career

Daniel has extensive experience conducting investigations of complex facilities involving mining (copper, uranium and zinc mining operations), petroleum hydrocarbon releases at refineries and service stations, wood treating operations using pentachlorophenol to treat wood products as well as groundwater contamination from hydraulic fracturing operations. Additionally, he has published and presented extensively on vadose zone hydrology.

Daniel serves as both violist and conductor in the Shoals Symphony Orchestra at UNA and studio teacher of applied viola. Additionally, he has conducted state honor festival concerts in Alabama, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Daniel Stephens is an entrepreneur dedicated to building businesses that are socially responsible. As the founder of goodfocus Film Production Company – working with nonprofits to produce films that showcase their efforts – Daniel’s passion lies with storytelling and verisimilitude, leading him into film.

Achievement and Honors

Robert holds degrees in geological science from Penn State and hydrology from Stanford, as well as his doctorate from the University of Arizona. From 1979-1989 he served on the faculty at New Mexico Tech as geoscience department chair for three years; his expertise lies primarily with vadose zone hydrology research for which he published extensively in this field.

He has also been invited to present on these topics at national symposia organized by various groups. His textbook, Vadose Zone Hydrology, was the first book ever of its kind.

He and Judy Doyen Taylor, another Stephens College alumnae, reside in Maine where they own film production companies such as Goodfocus LLC and General Films; both serve as longtime hosts of Stephens College alumni events.

Personal Life

Daniel Stephens has an ardent dedication to protecting both natural and human resources on Earth. He works extensively with organizations that specialize in sustainability to document their work through film and multi-media, spreading awareness. Furthermore, he founded goodfocus, an award-winning production company which assists non-profits and sustainability-focused businesses tell their stories effectively.

His life path number is 5, which indicates a passionate pursuit of truth and adventure, resourceful goal setting, and dedicating all his efforts toward professional and personal projects.

He has participated in various musical projects, such as working with EDM trio NERO. Additionally, he has remixed songs by Calvin Harris, DJ Snake, Like Mike and DJ Snake and featured his music on BBC Radio 1 and XFM stations.

Net Worth

Daniel Stephens is an English Electronic Music Producer/DJ best known for his collaboration with EDM trio NERO and winning the Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical Grammy award for his remix of Holdin On song by Chris Cornell. Daniel began learning to play cello at an early age due to encouragement from his musician father and eventually married fellow NERO member Alana Watson in 2015.

He currently resides with his wife and children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States. Although he prefers to keep his personal life private, his estimated net worth ranges between $1 and $5 Million; most likely earned from DJ work he performs professionally in Philadelphia, PA United States; licensed for both Series 63 and Series 66 as a securities broker.

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