Daniel Shelton

The Life of Daniel Shelton

Dan was deeply devoted to his family – Danielle, Kyle and Teri as well as their friends – as well as enjoying life through laughter with his camping group in summers past.

Dan has been representing personal injury plaintiffs since 1982 and holds certification as an expert in Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation. He is licensed to practice both in Oklahoma and Arizona.

Early Life and Education

Daniel lived his life based on clearly articulated beliefs. He emphasized the importance of family values while simultaneously cherishing his relationships and treating everyone with kindness and consideration.

He had a terrific sense of humor and was easy to get along with; quickly making friends in no time at all. His favorite hobbies included football, swimming and running – as well as his talent for problem-solving that enabled him to tackle numerous projects including remodeling his own home.

He leaves behind his wife Teri and children Danielle and Kyle; as well as sister Karen Larson Shelton Strope and brother Jim Shelton as well as an extended family that will dearly miss him. He will always be remembered fondly for his generosity and kindness.

Professional Career

Dan loved being outdoors – from fishing on his boat or hiking through the mountains to enjoying laughter with family members or cheering his nieces and nephews on at sports games – he was passionate about spending quality time in nature and with family members.

He boasts an impressive serve (he hit 126 mph against Ramanathan) and has no issue approaching the net. With plenty of potential, he could definitely become one of the 200 players.

He is admitted to practice before both the Oklahoma and Arizona bars, including both U.S. District Courts for Oklahoma (Western & Eastern) & Tenth Circuit (U.S.CA 10th) as well as Court of Appeals (10th). Jeremy represents injured clients in personal injury & medical malpractice claims.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel was driven to achieve his goals. He held strong religious convictions which helped fuel his motivation to succeed both professionally and personally. Furthermore, Daniel was an effective leader who motivated others to give their all and perform at their peak potential.

He was a standout player on the UW football team and started every game as nose tackle during 2012 and 2013. Additionally, he participated in track and field.

His family was of paramount importance to him, making him beloved Uncle to numerous nieces and nephews whom he will surely miss dearly. He leaves behind his beloved wife Catrina Y Smith Shelton, children Julian and Chole, as well as devoted family members after passing away due to heart complications on December 24, 2022.

Personal Life

Daniel lived his life according to a firm set of beliefs, with faith playing an integral part. He took great pride in upholding those principles throughout his life.

He was known for having an outstanding work ethic that made him an invaluable leader within his professional world. His ability to find creative yet efficient methods of accomplishing tasks made him an indispensable contributor in any workplace environment.

Family and friends were very important to him, and he took pride in building strong relationships with each one. Often acting as mediator in family conflicts using his common-sense approach to reaching an amicable solution, he also enjoyed watching sports teams compete and enjoying watching his favorites play live. In 2014 he married Catrina Y Smith-Shelton. Together they raised three children: Brandon Shelton, Julian Shelton, and Chole Shelton.

Net Worth

Daniel Shelton, an NFL football player for the Detroit Lions with an estimated net worth estimated to be $5 Million, boasts over 200 tackles and 10 sacks during his career – not to mention supporting numerous charities and causes in his spare time.

Shelton Brothers founder Mark Shelton attributes its failure to the COVID-19 pandemic, noting that bars and restaurants make up 50% of revenue, so when these establishments closed during an outbreak their sales declined precipitously. But according to Shelton the company also experienced financial difficulty as it battled a $2.1 million legal judgment by Chicago-area beer distributor River North.

Shelton also benefits from endorsement deals with New Balance and Yonex brands that add to his wealth, as well as having purchased an extravagant house in Florida.

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