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Early Life and Education

Sheedy grew up in Rocky Mount and attended Holy Cross Regional Catholic School. He is survived by his wife Angela; two of his three sons Daniel Sheedy and Cori Sheedy, two of his three daughters Danielle Sheedy and Jesse Sheedy as well as one grandson named Charlie Sheedy as well as two of his sisters Anne Marie Sheedy and Patricia Sheedy.

Sheedy describes himself as a natural connector, which has enabled him to form strong relationships with clients and team members alike. This skill allowed him to develop Mejo as an aid for families caring for special needs children to communicate more easily.

The app provides users with a means of keeping track of doctor appointments and sharing medical histories among family members, making it simpler to communicate with teachers and caregivers. Parents have had positive reviews for it; moreover, several media outlets have featured it.

Professional Career

Sheedy brings over 25 years of professional experience to his role as Senior Executive Coach with Novateur Partners. His areas of expertise include career transition assistance, workplace communication (impact of style on seniors, subordinates and peers) as well as employee wellness programs.

Sheedy Watts Design is a three-person studio that specializes in architecturally significant buildings that add value to streets, neighborhoods, cities, and surrounding contexts. Their work has been recognized by award-winning architects and has been featured in multiple publications.

Personal Life

Rose Sheedy passed away at age less than one in Death Place, Illinois on the month day 1941 and was laid to rest there.

On an unknown date and place, she married first name. They had two children together. Later she wed second name unknown in an unknown date/location marriage.

Rose Evelyn Sheedy (nee Lindenmeyer) was born in birth place on a particular month day in 1871 and had four siblings: Alexander, Charles, Elizabeth and Rosamond.

Rose Sheedy is survived by his wife Angela Sheedy, their three sons (Daniel Sheedy, Cori Sheedy and Landon Sheedy), two daughters Leona Sheedy and Veronica Sheedy as well as three grandkids: Charlie, Alexandria and Landon Sheedy as well as Bryan and Jesse Sheedy and several nieces and nephews. Create a free family tree for Rose Sheedy today so that relatives can share photos and videos and hear what other family members think about their relative!

Net Worth

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Sheedy has held various leadership roles at Visa, including serving as the company’s Group President of Europe and being a key part of the executive team that led its growth into one of the world’s premier payments networks.

Friends of Sheedy launched a GoFundMe following his death, raising over $12,000 to ease financial strain on his family. Liz, Jade and Pearl along with Lyle Ella Ran and their extended families mourn his passing; Sheedy was also uncle to former Essendon player Derek Peardon.

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