Daniel Roach

Daniel Roach – Associate Attorney at Burns and Hansen

Daniel Roach is an associate attorney with Burns and Hansen where he practices civil litigation, such as housing, real estate and business disputes. Prior to joining Burns and Hansen he served as a judicial law clerk in the 10th Judicial District; using this unique insight into judicial decision-making he provides clients with straightforward yet practical legal advice.

Early Life and Education

Dan has an intimate knowledge of Southeastern Washington and its residents. His dedication lies in providing honest and straightforward legal advice that meets clients’ goals whether through litigation, settlement or negotiation.

Roach begins his tale in 1970 when, at 14 years old, he received a letter from members of his birth family that had previously been unknown to him. From here he then flashes back over time, discussing various foster families he lived in as well as drug use, alcoholism and encounters with law enforcement authorities throughout his lifetime.

Roach has witnessed education evolve at St. Andrew’s from something that occurs primarily within classroom walls to one in which knowledge and actions taken are measured equally; an approach he has fully embraced by integrating it into their mission statement.

Professional Career

Daniel is an associate attorney at Burns and Hansen who specializes in civil litigation, particularly housing, real estate and business disputes. He has experience representing clients through all stages of litigation proceedings from commencing or responding to a lawsuit through trial. Daniel strives to meet his clients’ objectives whether through aggressive representation or settlement negotiations.

Prior to joining our firm, Daniel worked as a law clerk in Minnesota’s 10th Judicial District. Additionally, he is a member of both the Minnesota State Bar Association and American Bar Association; volunteers with LegalCORPS Small Business Landlord Clinic; is certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US); enjoys attending live music events; backpacking; and foster rescue animals in his free time.

Achievement and Honors

Roach’s seventeen years as Music Director at Alamo City Opera have introduced new generations to opera. She has conducted energetic productions such as Dido and Aeneas, Acis and Galatea and Cenerentola that she conducts herself.

In 2023, he received the Regional Director’s Honor Award from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for his efforts on gopher tortoise conservation. Colleagues and peers joined together at a ceremony held in Atlanta to recognize this award recipient.

Law Roach, stylist for celebrity client Zendaya, made headlines recently when video surfaced showing him walking rapidly next to the Louis Vuitton fashion show runway towards Zendaya’s seat en route to Law Roach’s seat en route to meet with Zendaya for her appointment at her seat. This infuriated Law Roach who later took to Twitter in order to apologize for his actions.

Personal Life

Daniel enjoys attending live music events and backpacking in his free time, as well as fostering rescue animals and playing basketball. An avid Minnesota Timberwolves supporter, Daniel also volunteers at LegalCORPS Small Business Landlord Clinic as a volunteer lawyer and holds his CIPP/US certification through The International Association of Privacy Professionals.

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He resided in Walnut Ridge and was Baptist by faith. He leaves behind his wife Pansy; one son; brother and one sister as well as funeral services at Strickland Funeral Home of Hartwell on Saturday afternoon.

Net Worth

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He possesses vast expertise in civil law and has provided support through every stage of litigation for clients. Committed to offering honest and straightforward legal advice that meets client needs, and providing solutions tailored specifically for each case he handles complex real estate, business and commercial transactions as well. Representing clients across industries.

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