Daniel Pillis

Artist and Researcher – Daniel Pillis

Early Life and Education

Daniel Pillis is an artist working with computer graphics, robotics and virtual reality. His research examines technologies that represent time and space differently; studying with Ivan E. Sutherland who pioneered computer graphics as well as working alongside one of Pixar’s founding fathers on immersive virtual reality experiments early experiments in immersive virtual reality experiences.

Daniel was selected by Daniel’s late brother Alexis to succeed Fey Sommers as editor-in-chief of Hudson newspaper, sparking sibling rivalries between himself and Alexis that were eventually resolved through Betty. Daniel initially disliked Betty at first; over time however, their feelings turned from dislike into mutual respect; eventually becoming close friends in due course of the series. Daniel and Betty collaborated on MODE projects together as well, such as creating a performance capture system enabling remote collaboration on MODE projects.

Professional Career

Pillis is a new media artist and queer media archeologist. He uses computer graphics, robotics and immersive experiences to explore time as a tangible medium. Additionally, he teaches at Princeton University and Virginia Tech while serving on the ACM SIGGRAPH Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Bradford Meade hired Daniel as editor-in-chief of Mode, leading to tensions with Wilhelmina Slater who felt she had been passed over due to nepotism.

At the conclusion of season 3, Daniel married Molly, a model diagnosed with terminal cancer who would later succumb to its complications and die of her disease. Their relationship began tense but gradually progressed into respect and possibly romance; Daniel would later find solace from Betty on his apartment stoop.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel is an esteemed new media artist, queer media archeologist, and researcher in computer graphics and immersive environments. He has received various fellowships and awards and taught courses at Princeton University, Virginia Tech University and Carnegie Mellon University.

Daniel’s womanizing quickly led to trouble when one of the models he had slept with tried to extort him by alleging she was only 16. Betty came to his aid and assisted in breaking through his sexual addiction.

Wilhelmina returns to Mode and deposes Daniel as editor-in-chief, making him share it with Alexis instead. This creates sibling rivalry. Daniel then meets Connor Owens, financial officer at Meade Publishing and starts flirting with him; which causes Wilhelmina great distress as she attempts to bring the two closer.

Personal Life

Pillis is an avid collector and performer who frequently visits galleries in Pittsburgh and New York City. Additionally, he’s an active researcher of Tangible Media under Professor Christopher Atkeson’s guidance to preserve early robot history while exploring TeleAbsence, remote time and collaborative mixed reality technologies.

Wilhelmina felt it was nepotistic for Bradford to choose Daniel as her successor as editor-in-chief for Mode, creating animosity between them that remains to this day.

Daniel put aside his womanizing ways and began dating lawyer Grace Chin. Additionally, Daniel engaged in an elaborate prank that resulted in a car accident and left Betty hospitalized with an extended coma state.

Net Worth

Artist and media archeologist, he works in computer graphics, robotics and immersive experiences. He has taught at Princeton University and Virginia Tech as well as at Carnegie Mellon University under Ivan Sutherland (the father of computer graphics).

Over three decades he has been actively engaged in the arts. He has performed and displayed work in New York, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and elsewhere as well as lending his voice to numerous films and video games.

As of late-2018, sources reported that Alison Pill has an estimated net worth of over $2 Million due to her acting success over many years. First becoming known for her role in “The Book of Daniel”, Alison went on to appear in various other television shows and films after that initial role.

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