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Clergy sexual abuse is an enormously serious matter and victims deserve help and justice – Attorney Michael Dowd is dedicated to helping them secure both.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Diocese of Buffalo recently added two retired priests with credible claims of child sexual abuse to its list, specifically Father Daniel Palys and Msgr Ronald Sciera.

Early Life and Education

Palys was raised in Blakely, Pennsylvania – a coal town just 14 miles from Factoryville – where his dreams included playing football on the local team. Unfortunately, his father would not allow it and so instead decided to focus on baseball instead; signing with Philadelphia Phillies sent him off to Carbondale of North Atlantic League; about seven miles down US 6 from Blakely.

He holds a Bachelor’s of Economics and International Relations from USC’s Dornsife College, as well as being a Fulbright Scholar he will travel to Brazil this March to research solar energy policy there.

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Professional Career

Palys, who was more commonly known by his parishioners as Father Dan, earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations at USC Dornsife. Since then, he has held various parish positions, such as Annunciation Church in Buffalo, St Andrew’s in Kenmore and Christ the King Church in Snyder – in 1993 being appointed pastor at St Gabriel in Elma.

Palys was an outfielder in Major League Baseball who appeared in 138 games between 1953 and 1956 for both Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Redlegs, batting and throwing right-handed.

He began his career with the Philadelphia Phillies’ Class A affiliate in Carbondale before splitting 1955 spring training between Schenectady and Syracuse. He caught his break with the Redlegs when outfielders Richie Ashburn and Del Ennis were injured – playing 10 out of 15 April games as left fielder or pinch hitter!

Personal Life

Palys has also found time for film and television roles outside his religious calling, appearing as Harry Truman in 1995 film Truman and Detective Mac Taylor on CSI: New York respectively; additionally, he produced one episode for that series himself.

On Friday, the Buffalo diocese issued an announcement regarding allegations of sexual abuse by two priests who are now retired: Father Daniel Palys and Msgr Ronald Sciera have had claims substantiated against them; both now stand accused.

Clergy sexual abuse can have devastating repercussions for victims, and those abused deserve justice. Michael Dowd is an experienced clergy sex abuse lawyer and can help victims secure compensation they are due.

Net Worth

He’s an instructor making good money from his profession and possibly living a luxurious life, complete with his own home and cars.

He is part of a small but delightful and educated family; keen not to get involved in any controversies that could derail his future, he avoided using social media for fear it may harm him professionally.

His current net worth stands at approximately $2 Million. As an actor renowned for his performance in many iconic movies and with fans and followers who admire his acting skills and performances. He has appeared both on and off-Broadway, regional theatre productions as well as film and television; with notable roles appearing in Collective Unconscious Reese Carl Westland, Balance Hobo and Kidnapped Hooded Man as some examples.

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