Daniel Oppenheim

Daniel Oppenheim

After the Napoleonic wars, restrictions that had restricted Jewish artists were removed and Oppenheim’s art became an icon of self-confident Jewish middle class life. He gained global renown for his portraits of prominent Jews and gentiles such as Ludwig Borne, Heinrich Heine and the Rothschild family which earned him global renown.

He has taught introductory psychology classes, and is the author of the popular textbook “Psychology: A Cartoon Introduction”. Additionally, his research interests span psychometric assessment, charitable giving practices and people’s understanding of randomness/stochastic systems.

Early Life and Education

Spoerri studied classical dance and theater as a child, yet his true passion lay with art. He began replicating paintings by watching his father paint. By copying these masterpieces and learning his techniques of realism from them.

Genre scenes by Matisse, such as Scenes from Traditional Jewish Family Life, gained international acclaim. His paintings depicted an urban Jewish middle class living without restrictions imposed by ghetto life; emphasizing values such as religiosity, family unity and education.

When he began gathering remnant cups, plates, and utensils in his studio and gluing them to boards hung sideways on the wall he not only mocked contemporary obsession with abstract art but also became part of a vibrant new group called Nouveau Realism; founded on existentialist philosophy it sought directly appropriate reality as subject matter.

Professional Career

He earned worldwide renown for his genre paintings depicting Jewish celebrations, holidays and family life. Additionally, his portraits captured an urban Jewish middle class which had come out of the ghetto period to thrive in Frankfurt as part of society; these genre scenes also served as expressions of Jewish culture showcasing values such as restraint and respectability.

Daniel Oppenheim is the CEO of Affiliated Monitoring, one of the premier providers of security, PERS/PERS monitoring, video, and IoT professional monitoring services in North America. A graduate of Yeshiva University’s Syms School of Business and University of Miami School of Law with an AV Preeminent rating by Martindale-Hubbell for legal ability and ethics, Daniel began his career defending large corporations and insurers against liability cases before transitioning into representing individuals suffering catastrophic losses due to others’ negligence.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Oppenheim is an accomplished musician and composer of vocal, instrumental, and computer music. As an innovator of interactive composition systems he has had his works performed worldwide. Additionally he works as a scientist by exploring how our minds generate music experiences – receiving numerous awards and honors while his artwork featured in various exhibitions and galleries worldwide. Daniel is also a member of the American Chemical Society.

Personal Life

Oppenheim was an iconic Jewish painter of his ghetto-based time who became widely celebrated for his biblical and genre scenes like Scenes from Traditional Jewish Family Life; furthermore his paintings showcase middle-class values such as piety, education and respectability.

Oppenheim captured the development of a Jewish middle class in Frankfurt that was self-confident but subject to legal and social discrimination. He painted portraits of members of the Rothschild banking family as well as prominent German poet Heinrich Heine and philologist Jakob Weil.

His painting depicting Moses Mendelssohn, Lavatar and Lessing meeting is emblematic of his efforts to maintain and strengthen Jewish identity while fitting it within German society’s cultural norms.

Net Worth

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