Daniel Hohs

The Art of Daniel Hohs

Daniel Hohs is an endowed professor of neurosurgery and Dunspaugh-Dalton division chief for spine at the University of Florida, serving also as director of its comprehensive spine center and member of its editorial board (Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine and Neurospine). Hohs earned both his undergraduate degree at Stanford and medical degree from Columbia.

Professional Career

Brian and Dan Hoh, brothers who often fought as children, have maintained an unbreakable bond throughout their lives. Though attending medical school and neurosurgical training separately, both share an undying passion for medicine that they have dedicated their careers to healing and research. Both now work as neurosurgeons at the University of Florida Lillian S. Wells Department of Neurosurgery; often operating side by side – as well as serving on various boards for charitable organizations and non-profits.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Hohs has earned both artistic and technological acclaim for his groundbreaking artworks, known as technology-crossed art pieces>> that showcase an extraordinary synthesis between computer science and artistic concepts – reflecting both technical proficiency as well as strong social significance.

Dan was known for his unique talent of inspiring others to pursue personal achievements and make positive change within their communities. In 2014, he collaborated with HFTD on creating Team Thrive programming to highlight the relationship between physical health and psychological wellness.

Daniel currently holds the positions of Professor of Neurosurgery and Dunspaugh-Dalton Endowed Professor at the University of Florida. Additionally, he serves as Director of its Comprehensive Spine Center.

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