Daniel Grinder

Daniel Grinder

Daniel Grinder is a young yet extraordinary oil painter. Already featured on several “western” magazines like Art of the West and Southwest Art.

Before reporting her missing, he spoke with his wife who reported their children were asleep – an earlier bedtime than their usual one.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Grinder possesses an extraordinary skill in oil painting that belies his age. Additionally, he can describe in great detail each technique used in each piece he creates and is eager to share it with others. Daniel is both intelligent and articulate young person eager to share his knowledge.

His father wanted Daniel to pursue business studies; however, Daniel was more drawn to mathematics – which runs in his family. They came to an agreement whereby Daniel would study medicine instead.

Grinder served four seasons as head men’s and women’s basketball coach at Pitt-Titusville, using an uptempo style that saw his teams set many scoring records at Pitt-Titusville. At Geneva he recruited several high-profile players. A popular and effective mentor, Grinder will be sorely missed by all in the college community.

Professional Career

Daniel is an exceptional artist gaining great renown for his still life paintings, which have been featured prominently both on the front cover of Art of the West magazine and as part of an article in Southwest Art magazine.

His artwork has also been showcased in other publications, such as American Art Collector and Western Art and Antiques, with several exhibits at major galleries both domestically and abroad.

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Personal Life

Daniel Negreanu can often be found spending quality time with his family when not grinding at the poker tables. He enjoys golf and movies – and even owns an adorable pup named Ace!

His daughter Amanda Leatherman is well known in the poker world as she hosted PokerStars’ Big Game TV show for several seasons and served as an analyst and reporter at various tournaments around the globe.

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Net Worth

Daniel Negreanu currently boasts an estimated net worth of over $4 Million, earned primarily through YouTube and TikTok channels and multiple sources of income.

Poker professional Andy Green boasts a large fan base and is very active on social media, often promoting brands or creating partnerships with various businesses.

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