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Dan Greeley, 71, Passed Away Due to Colon Cancer

Dan Greeley of Belchertown, Massachusetts passed away due to colon cancer on December 16, 2020 at age 71.

Utah police later confiscated from Greeley and Urry’s apartment a safe matching the description of one Becker kept in his bedroom, which Greeley claims establishes their intent to murder.

Early Life and Education

Dan was known for always going the extra mile when it came to helping his family, friends, neighbors and his beloved pup Veda.

Greeley was honored with this recognition, the initial step toward sainthood. Her church recognized her efforts to aid the poor as well as her devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus – one of the most widely practiced Catholic devotions.

On August 1st, Greeley was in Utah with Lee and Urry when a police officer visited their apartment building and located an identical safe to that taken from Becker’s home; later it was pawned in Salt Lake City for $225.00 and other items matching its description were discovered in Salt Lake City police offices.

Professional Career

Daniel Greeley is an experienced professional who has held various supervisory and management positions with a national service company, owned his own specialty retail store, and worked as chief operating officer for a state-level nonprofit agency. Additionally, his passion for learning has inspired him to seek formal academic studies as an adult student.

Daniel works as a real estate asset manager, specializing in acquisition/disposition activities, market and financial analyses of commercial properties as well as development/redevelopment opportunities for retail assets. Despite being over 60, Daniel can relate well with today’s college players; UNC cornerback Quincy Wofford described him as being “old school,” yet knowing when and when not to joke around and make people laugh – an invaluable teacher! Daniel truly is a wonderful coach who enjoys teaching others.

Achievement and Honors

He was an ardent supporter of civil and women’s rights, helping found the Republican Party and writing columns for several newspapers including National Union and Union Democrat newspapers.

Meaghan Reilly, SIS-SPA/BA ’21 and SPA/MS ’24 at American University (AU), regularly uses the word “opportunity” when discussing her undergraduate and graduate research endeavors at AU. Thanks to AU’s Elevate Scholarship Initiative’s Daniel Greeley Memorial Scholarship Fund Scholarship Grant she now enjoys flexibility and access to resources she otherwise wouldn’t.

Personal Life

Daniel Greeley III and Mariah are survived by his wife Carol; children Daniel Greeley III and Mariah; grandchildren Analeah Archibeque Griego as well as Mia Griego Griego as well as an extended family. Services will be held in due course.

He worked at MITRE Corporation, established by MIT and the Air Force, as a systems engineer. Utilizing his chemical and nuclear knowledge, he helped to design electronic computer systems designed to detect nuclear detonations events.

Greeley attended numerous international scientific conferences in Europe and Japan in search of answers to energy related queries. A well-known public speaker and author, he founded both the American Chemical Society and National Academy of Sciences before enjoying running races, raising livestock, traveling and more.

Net Worth

Dan Greeley was an active social media user, often posting updates pertaining to his American Cancer Society Relay for Life Team and Scentsy business. Additionally, he took great pleasure refinishing and restoring classic cars as hobbies – but his most cherished moments were spent with his family.

His current home can be found at 29 Serenity Lane in Lyndeborough, NH; he first occupied it 24 years ago.

Dan Greeley established OneWay Community Management in 2009. With over twenty years of community management experience and multiple financial advisory roles – including serving in the US Navy – as well as having made numerous stock trades (he currently owns 1,000 shares of Caleres Inc worth more than $31,090), as well as real estate investments totaling several hundred thousand dollars, Dan has gained many of these skills during his time.

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