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Daniel Gamba Joins BlackRock As Global Head of Active Equity Product Strategy

BlackRock will move their iShares director, who helped increase demand for exchange-traded funds, over to active equity product strategy in an order seen by Reuters. He will become global head of active equity product strategy.

Gamba currently co-heads fundamental equities at BlackRock and sits on their global operating committee, portfolio management group executive committee, human capital committee and co-chairs their Somos Latinx employee network.

Early Life and Education

Joseph Gamba was born in 1914 in Ocean Gate, New Jersey and passed away at 98 in 2005.

Gamba had been with BlackRock Inc. for 22 years and served as its co-head of fundamental equities, where his tenure spanned 22 years. BlackRock CEO Michael O’Grady mentioned his expertise leading teams through expansion and change during a memo sent out from him by BlackRock to all employees.

He was deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, serving as founding co-chair of Somos Latinx & Allies Network at his firm as an employee affinity group. Additionally, he served on the boards of directors of CFA Institute and Council of Urban Professionals which focus on creating future generations of diverse business leaders. Nicholas Gamba and Minnie Gamba raised him.

Personal Life

Daniel Gamba is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. His experience at Kellogg allowed him to meet people from different regions and upbringings, broadening his perspective and growing from being a specialist to becoming an influencer among leaders.

BlackRock appointed him to their global operating, portfolio management group executive and human capital committees as an advisory member, where he oversaw investment, distribution and product teams as well as founding and co-chairing Somos Latinx & Allies Employee Network.

Gamba will join Northern Trust’s management group and report directly to CEO Michael O’Grady, where he will serve as president of asset management, co-head of fundamental equities, and member of both investment strategy and product team.

Professional Career

Daniel Gamba holds both a bachelor’s and MBA from University of Catolica del Peru; as well as being an CFA charter holder who serves on its Board.

He has broad global experiences across fundamental active, systematic and index products with an established record in leading investment, distribution and product teams. Prior to BlackRock he co-led its fundamental equities business and served on its Global Operating, Portfolio Management Group Executive and Human Capital committees.

He holds a deep commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and believes that better outcomes can be realized by prioritizing people, their perspectives and experiences. To further DEI goals, he has worked toward cultivating diverse workplaces; creating BlackRock’s Somos Latinx & Allies Employee Network; volunteering at organizations dedicated to inspiring, elevating and empowering diverse leaders; cultivating diverse workspaces among them a number of others.

Achievement and Honors

Joseph Gamba was born in 1890. He and Octavie Gamba (nee Pauvert) had five children together: Maurice Gamba, Ernest Gamba and three other siblings. Joseph died suddenly in 1918.

On April 3rd, after 22 years with BlackRock, Gamba assumed his new post as president of Northern Trust Asset Management (NTAM). Before that he served as co-head of fundamental equities as well as being part of various committees including global operating committee, portfolio management group executive and human capital.

Daniel Gamba, CFA is the founder of Somos Latinx & Allies Network at BlackRock, an employee affinity group focused on diversity and inclusion. Additionally, he sits on the Board of Governors for CFA Institute – a worldwide professional association for investment professionals – as well as an active supporter of Kellogg School of Management in Chicago and Northwestern University where he earned both his BS degree and MBA.

Net Worth

Daniel Gamba co-leads BlackRock’s Fundamental Equities business globally. His responsibilities encompass business strategy, financial results, investment performance monitoring and talent management for teams located throughout Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe/Middle East/Africa regions.

Since 2000, when BlackRock acquired Barclays Global Investors, he has served in multiple capacities at BlackRock including as co-head of fundamental equities and sitting on several committees including global operating, portfolio management group executive and human capital committees.

Gamba has long been a champion for diversity and inclusion at BlackRock, an $8.6 trillion firm boasting more than 50% ethnically and gender diversity according to an employee memo issued in 2023. He is both founder and co-chair of its Somos Latinx & Allies Employee Network at the firm.

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