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A Pennsylvania Man Who Shot at Two Pennsylvania State Troopers Has Been Sentenced to Up to 110 Years in Prison

Daniel Clary, 22, who fired shots at two Pennsylvania State Troopers during a traffic stop has been sentenced to up to 110 years in prison. Clary was found guilty of attempted murder as well as several other offenses during an incident that took place in Northampton County last fall.

After stopping Clary, the trooper called for backup and attempted to conduct field sobriety tests; however, Clary suddenly got up, ran back around his car to its driver-side window, pulled out a weapon, and opened fire on officers.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Clary spent his early years playing football, basketball and soccer on West Nesquehoning Street in Easton, Pennsylvania. He regularly attended the nearby Boys and Girls Club as well as Heil Pool to enjoy swimming – as his mother recalls.

Clary was pulled over for speeding on Route 33 in Plainfield Township, Pennsylvania on November 7, 2018, where he attempted to resist arrest by grabbing at trooper Ryan Seiple’s handguns according to video released in court.

After being evaluated at a clinic on Northampton Street in Easton, a psychiatrist diagnosed Kelly with paranoid schizophrenia. Prescription medication was given but never taken by him according to his mother. Kelly spent days in an medically induced coma, yet at his sentencing stated he has no memory of what transpired – with assistance from family reintegration programs he now seeks reentry back into society with their help.

Professional Career

Though some have cast Clary in an evil light, others see him as misunderstood figure. Prior to this incident he had no adult criminal record and suffered several concussions due to football and assaults by members of a gang he refused to join.

On November 7, 2017 on Route 33 South in Plainfield Township, Pennsylvania State Trooper Ryan Seiple noticed 22-year-old Daniel Clary was speeding. As soon as they encountered each other on Route 33 South, PA State Trooper Seiple pulled him over and conducted field sobriety tests; Clary attempted to grab both pistols of both troopers; however despite being shocked multiple times with stun guns he still struggled and managed to dislodge an ammunition magazine from Seiple’s spare pistol; eventually taking one and stashing another weapon in his car before fleeing on Route 33 South.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Clary was sentenced to 53 and a half to 110 years for attempted murdering two Pennsylvania state troopers last November during a traffic stop on Route 33 in Plainfield Township. He was found guilty of attempted murder, aggravated assault and other offenses.

At one point during their struggle on the highway as cars and trucks passed him by, according to Lehigh Valley Live, they used stun grenades on Clary multiple times before throwing punches at him as he continued resisting by grasping onto one trooper’s holstered gun handle while simultaneously trying to grab an ammunition magazine from another pistol of one trooper.

Corporal Seth Kelly was seriously wounded during the confrontation and spent days in a coma at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill before speaking out in court against Clary on Friday during his sentencing.

Personal Life

Daniel Clary, 22, who shot and wounded a Pennsylvania state trooper during a traffic stop has been given 53 1/2 to 107 years in prison following his conviction on attempted murder charges last fall at trial.

Clary was pulled over for speeding, and issued with a ticket by a trooper. When preparing to leave, however, Clary waved him back and asked questions that led the officer to suspect marijuana use; therefore a backup officer was called in order to conduct a field sobriety test.

Video footage depicts officers struggling to subdue Clary on the ground, with him pushing one officer and trying to seize their pistols before breaking free and reaching into his car and firing at the troopers with an unlicensed firearm. A Taser didn’t work and Clary fired several rounds into his gun at them before fleeing back into his car and firing upon them again.

Net Worth

Clary amassed an impressive net worth during his lifetime. Much of it can be attributed to his acting career – which was extremely successful – while being a Holocaust survivor undoubtedly had a tremendous impact on him and his outlook on life.

Daniel Clary, 22, was found guilty by a Northampton County jury for attempted murder against two state troopers while conducting a traffic stop on Route 33 in Plainfield Township last November 7. Both officers – Corporal Kelly and Corporal Seiple – survived.

Janet Jackson, Clary’s attorney, contended during trial that Clary felt threatened during the stop and fired shots at troopers in self-defense. This involved four days of testimony from witnesses as well as dashcam footage captured of the event; after four days, the jury awarded both officers $5,000 each in relation to their DTPA and negligent misrepresentation claims.

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