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Bio of Daniel Koshland, Attorney, Musician, and Composer

Daniel specializes in anti-oppression training and organizational change design to support schools, workplaces, nonprofits and communities. With 15+ years of international and local community partner work experience in implementing Racial Justice frameworks and practices he brings an expert eye.

Former congressional candidate he experienced first-hand the level of corporate, union, and super pac favoritism, threats, and demonization that now exists within our political landscape.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, New York before making the move west. There he attended high school and college before heading off to California’s University of California for further studies in atmospheric science – earning himself a bachelor’s degree from there.

Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo was another stop on his educational path, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering. This degree helped secure him employment at one of Silicon Valley’s companies.

Early years are crucial in shaping children’s development. They shape how the brain connects, with strong foundations leading to improved learning, behavior and health outcomes while adverse experiences may have lasting repercussions.

Professional Career

Daniel is an experienced attorney with vast experience representing landowners, developers, investors, educational and cultural institutions, municipalities and municipalities in California State University’s Real Estate and Land Use department, where he provides advice for major campus development projects.

He specializes in anti-oppression training and organizational change design, supporting schools, workplaces and community organizations in implementing racial justice frameworks and practices. Additionally, he works on policy issues at the Senate Office of Research such as higher education and public employment.

Lifelong learner and advocate, he has cast aside political correctness to speak the honest truth. His mission is to give California’s next generations a chance at a brighter, more prosperous future.

Achievement and Honors

Dan was an upstanding citizen who selflessly assumed great responsibilities without hesitation or issue. Alongside Marian Elliott Koshland (an immunologist) and others, he led an initiative that brought profound reform to Berkeley’s biological sciences department.

He was an advocate for supporting female scientists and technologists. Additionally, he served as an outstanding chemistry instructor and mentor.

Daniel is a litigation associate in Jackson Lewis’ San Diego office. Prior to joining, he clerked for Judge Barbara L. Major of the U.S. District Court for Southern California as well as externed with the United States Attorney’s Office. Daniel graduated from University of California, Los Angeles Gould School of Law where he was executive editor of California Western Law Review and member of Trial Team.

Personal Life

Daniel is an award-winning musician, composer, and ukulele instructor with six chart-topping albums to his credit. Additionally, he serves as Director of The Wilderness Society’s Southern California Mountains Landscape Office to protect rugged mountains while upholding ecological values.

David Ezra is an advocate for the American Civil Liberties Union and has written for various publications. His diverse background includes being employed as a dishwasher, roustabout and sex worker as well as other jobs to cover his legal education expenses.

Daniel, a U.S. Navy veteran and former HS-4 Black Knight, proudly completed his full tour before being honorably discharged with distinction. Passionate about helping injured individuals, Daniel has an in-depth knowledge of all laws that apply in such instances.

Net Worth

Daniel has long been an active stock market investor, trading stocks for years and amassing wealth through trading activities and real estate investments. His estimated net worth stands at $15 Million.

He is currently the Managing Director and Private Client Advisor with Bank of America Private Bank, specialising in connecting ultra-high net-worth clients to global resources offered by the bank. An efficient yet creative problem solver with an overall holistic approach towards client relationships.

He is well known for interviewing those with exotic cars like Lamborghinis, BMWs and Ferraris for YouTube and TikTok channels; these interviews have proven highly popular with audiences there as well. He has spoken with renowned figures like Mark Cuban (Owner of Dallas Mavericks NBA team). Furthermore, his content monetization strategy is producing some excellent returns; thus earning quite well for himself from it.

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