Daniel Best

The Life of Daniel Best

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Best joined the Marine Corps with one goal in mind: travel. After being accepted into their MSG program and attending school in Quantico Virginia he graduated as an MSG Sergeant (MSG).

Early Life and Education

Daniel Best was born near Kentucky in 1775 and took great pleasure in exploring nature. He would often spend days hunting foxes and deer in the forest before making friends with local Delaware Indians.

Dan was hit by an IED blast while serving his third tour in Afghanistan and it completely disfigured his right eye, inflicting serious injury on both eyes. Doctors did not expect him to live, yet he managed to do just that.

He currently heads BEST VANTAGE, a food business and technology consulting firm he established in 1995. An expert in food manufacturing and trade industries, he takes great pleasure in seeing new technologies become commercialized. Additionally, he serves on several corporate boards and is an active member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Professional Career

He is an experienced, results-oriented project management professional with more than 24 years of experience leading, building, leading, coordinating, approving and implementing multidisciplinary and multicultural projects. In his current position at CDB he oversees management, pipeline development appraisal and implementation of lending/technical assistance programmes in all sectors.

Over one century ago, Daniel Best was working on his brother’s ranch in California when he saw the need for greater mechanization of agriculture and earth moving. Inspired by this need, he invented and patented a portable grain cleaner in 1871 before creating the first combine harvester in 1885 and founding Daniel Best Agricultural Works (later renamed Best Manufacturing Company) in San Leandro to revolutionize farming and earth moving practices. His success would help shape modern agricultural practices today.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Best’s parents encouraged him from an early age to strive for excellence and never settle for anything less. Following their advice, Daniel achieved academic success and led an enriching life, graduating as valedictorian while passing six New York State Regents exams successfully. Furthermore, he participated in community service projects while singing for his local church choir.

Once he arrived at college, he immediately immersed himself in student life by serving on the executive boards for Global Medical Brigades and Macaulay Service Initiative. Additionally, he performed cancer research under Professor Lesley Davenport and received the Jeffrey Glenn Miller Scholarship.

He was selected as a Marine Security Guard instructor – an extremely competitive position – and has racked up multiple accolades while serving on MSG duty, such as earning the 2019 Region 6 Detachment of the Year Award and four Overseas Service Ribbons.

Personal Life

Following an unsuccessful gold mining attempt in Oregon, Best turned his focus toward agriculture and created a portable grain cleaner and separator that quickly proved successful. He quickly expanded his business by producing his first combine harvester in 1885.

Over time, his company became one of the premier producers of agricultural and earth-moving machinery. His steam tractors became staples in forestry, farming, and mining operations alike; to demonstrate his engine’s power he held a tug-of-war between Best traction engine and an opposing steam engine to showcase it’s potential.

Personal life: He enjoyed acting in various stage, film and television productions as well as participating in the Barbadian performing arts scene. At CDB he is responsible for pipeline development, appraisal and implementation of its lending and technical assistance programmes across all sectors.

Net Worth

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