Daniel Amaya

Daniel Amaya – A DJ/Producer From Oceanside, CA

Daniel Amaya was born with a genetic bone condition which limits his daily life; yet it hasn’t prevented him from pursuing his goal to become a DJ/Producer. His musical background spans hip hop, moombahton and EDM such as electro, dubstep and house music styles.

Kacey Carpenter learned of her son’s death while sleeping peacefully Easter morning – 22-year-old Jacob Carpenter from Odessa Texas had passed away.

Early Life and Education

Daniel derives its meaning from Hebrew daniyeAl (), or God is my judge, and is associated with the Book of Daniel. Daniel can be used both as an initial name and surname.

The Book of Daniel is an ancient biblical text which presents traditional stories about Daniel during Jewish captivity in Babylon and his visions. While its narrative contains historical inaccuracies (no deportations took place in 605 BCE; Darius was Cyrus’ successor and not predecessor), its spiritual ideas serve as an exemplar for Jews suffering persecution today.

Amaya has ventured into short films and soap operas. He played Aurelio Casillas on Telemundo’s popular series El Senor de los Cielos which won an International Emmy Award 2014. Additionally he appeared in Mexican TV series La Piel Azul.

Professional Career

Amaya has established himself in his professional life for years. Beginning at Allied Global BPO as a Supervisor in 2013, where he oversaw sales teams, trained managers and travel agencies on new rates, handled customer claims management as well as helping manage them. Subsequently he moved onto Avianca Holdings S.A. as Business Developer Coordinator where he promoted airline ticket sales.

He plays ceremony music across the US, Europe, and Colombia with Unaji and teaches charango at the Secretariat of Culture. Additionally he earned his Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Universidad Tecnologica Centroamericana.

Amaya is an accomplished DJ and producer, having performed at several renowned venues such as Exchange LA. Though his genetic bone condition limits his mobility, this has not stopped him from following his passions and following through on them.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Amaya was born with a genetic bone condition that made him physically disabled; nonetheless, he achieved his dream of becoming a DJ/Producer. His discography spans from hip hop and moombahton music to high energy EDM like dubstep and electro house.

Kacey Carpenter told the Odessa American that she learned of Amaya’s death while returning home from church on Easter Sunday. Amaya had been serving on his second tour in Iraq and was killed by hostile fire in Anbar Province; he was 22.

Personal Life

Daniel Amaya was born June 1999 and currently resides in Oceanside, CA. Although suffering from a genetic bone condition, this hasn’t stopped him from following his dreams as a DJ and music composer for ceremonies all around the globe, teaching an Andean instrument called the Charango as well.

Marine Cpl. Daniel Amaya of Odessa, Texas; assigned to 3rd Battalion 4th Marine Regiment 1st Marine Division I Marine Expeditionary Force Twentynine Palms California was shot down and killed April 11 by hostile fire in Anbar Province Iraq.

Tornillo High School distance coach Jesse Garcia was struck by Amaya’s work ethic and drive, calling him the “McFarland” of Tornillo. According to Garcia, such dedication is common among the town where 2015 Disney sports drama “Wreckers,” featuring an underdog cross country team was set.

Net Worth

Rafael Amaya is a prolific actor who has appeared in many acclaimed TV series and films over his long career in Hollywood. An established artist, Rafael has made quite an impressionful mark within the entertainment world.

He has earned a substantial sum through his acting profession, as well as garnering widespread appreciation and respect.

He is a well-renowned artist with a global fan base. Over his career he has earned many prestigious awards and nominations.

He is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $5 Million and lives an extravagant lifestyle, owning multiple properties as well as being involved in various relationships over time, most recently Kimberly Dos Ramos who he had separated with earlier this year.

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