Dana Parino Net Worth

Dana Perino Net Worth

Dana Perino is a reporter for Fox News. She owns five real estate properties and has an investment account worth $8 million. Her net worth is estimated to be $5-6 million. She is married to businessman Peter McMahon and has no children. She was born in Evanston, Wyoming, in 1972.

Dana Perino was born in Evanston, Wyoming, on May 9, 1972

Born to a politically conservative family, Dana Perino grew up in Evanston, Wyoming. She graduated from Colorado State University in 1997. While in college, Perino studied political science, Spanish, and mass communications. Later, she went on to earn a master’s degree in public affairs reporting at the University of Illinois Springfield.

Dana Perino’s parents are Leo and Jan Perino. She has one sibling, Angie Mahock. She works as a political commentator for Fox News and co-host of the talk show “The Five.”

Dana Perino has a background in journalism, serving as the press secretary in the White House under President George W. Bush. She is also a bestselling author who has written about women’s issues. She is co-host of “The Five” on Fox News and is a co-host on “Fox & Friends.”

Perino’s family is Christian. She attended Ponderosa High School in Parker, Colorado. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Colorado State University-Pueblo. She then worked at a Rocky Mountain PBS affiliate station, KTSC.

She is married to businessman Peter McMahon

Dana Perino is married to businessman Peter McManhon, who was previously married twice. They met on a flight in 1997 and fell in love. The couple married in 1998 in England. Their honeymoon was in Greece. After the wedding, the couple moved to New York. They live in Manhattan and have a dog named Jasper.

Perino met McMahon in 1997 while traveling to Chicago. When they were on the plane, Perino could tell he had a British accent. She also noticed that he was reading the book, The Tailor of Panama. The two spent a year together before getting married. They did not tell their parents, but later, their parents learned that they had married.

Peter and Dana have not had children together. Peter and Dana met on a plane flying from Denver to Chicago. They chatted during the two-and-a-half-hour flight. They exchanged contact information and stayed in touch by email and long-distance calls. They later met in New Orleans, where they had a business meeting. After they got married, the couple moved to New York.

Her net worth is $5-6 million

Dana Perino is a political commentator and author. She is currently employed at Fox News and has a net worth of $5-6 million. Her wealth is the result of endorsement deals and hosting contracts. In addition, she has worked for the White House as one of its top spokespersons.

Prior to joining Fox News, Dana Perino worked at KTSC-TV as a reporter. She also served as a press secretary for the Justice Department and the Council on Environmental Policy. During the Bush administration, she became the Deputy Press Secretary for the White House and acted as Acting Press Secretary when Tony Snow was undergoing cancer therapy. In 2007, she was named full-time Press Secretary and Assistant to the President. Since her departure from the White House, Perino has worked as a political contributor at Fox News. She is also a regular co-host on the panel talk show “The Five.”

Dana Perino was born on 9th May 1972 in Evanston, Wyoming. She married Peter McMahon eleven months later. The couple has two stepchildren from Peter’s previous marriages. Dana Perino’s net worth is estimated to be $5-6 million. She has numerous assets including five real estate properties, seven cars, and a luxury yacht. In addition to her net worth, she has a cash reserve of over $9 million.

She has no children

Dana Perino is a political commentator and former White House press secretary. She currently co-hosts The Five on Fox News and is a co-anchor of America’s Newsroom. She is also a Publishing Executive for Random House and is involved with an organization that tutors young women.

Perino was born on May 9, 1972, in Evanston, Wyoming. After graduating from Colorado State University, she began a career in television and became the 24th White House press secretary under George W. Bush from 2007 to 2009. She is the second female to hold this position. Perino’s non-biased reporting has made her a fan favorite. She believes that people have the right to make their own decisions.

Dana Perino is married to Peter McMohan. The two met in 1997 while traveling on a plane. They began dating and later married on 30 September 1998 in England. They later moved to San Diego, California.

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