Dana Kellin For Target

Dana Kellin for Target

Among the myriad retailers, Target is no exception. In fact, the company’s latest designer collaboration is a nod to the venerable Albertus Swanepoel. The resulting collection of 14 hats, some albeit more than others, will make your head spin. In addition, the company has gone to great lengths to improve the experience for the customer, with better lighting and more informative displays.

In addition to the aforementioned Albertus Swanepoel collaboration, Target is also making room for new designer Jason Wu and the company’s newest high-fashion acquisition, French fashion house Saint Laurent. Not to mention that the retailer is rethinking some of its manufacturing processes, allowing the company to cut costs. With a new CEO in tow, Target is looking for a fresh start. The new direction will certainly have its challenges, but the company seems to be on the right track. Despite this, Target is still on the hunt for a new name to shake things up. So what is a savvy shopper to do? For one thing, Target needs to be able to entice customers with a compelling range of merchandise.

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