Dan Wachinski

Dan Wachinski

Dan Wachinski is an active Pennsylvania politician and lobbyist. He regularly works with various legislators and committees on issues pertaining to healthcare, transportation, insurance, taxation and gaming.

He possesses over 14 years of experience in legislative drafting and research.

He hails from San Francisco and is Jewish. In 2008 he married Teresa Strasser and they share one child named Nathaniel James Wachinski.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Wachinski was born in the United States on June 25th 1970. He holds a degree in Criminal Justice from Lynn University and was selected as a Fellow by Pennsylvania Education Policy and Leadership Center. Additionally, Daniel has over 10 years of legislative drafting and research experience.

In 2008, he married television host Teresa Strasser. On September 24th 2009, their first son Nathaniel “Buster” James Wachinski was born. Teresa tweeted that it had to be delivered via c-section due to being breech.

Daniel currently resides at 6102 E Carnation Circle in Phoenix, AZ where he has resided since January 2014. Daniel previously resided in Maryland and Pennsylvania before making Phoenix his permanent home. According to public records, Daniel is married with three children. Teresa hosts the home renovation show While You Were Out.

Professional Career

Daniel Wachinski has 14 years of lobbying experience working on behalf of various legislators and committees in Harrisburg. His expertise covers various fields such as insurance, transportation, tax and gaming issues. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Lynn University as well as being registered to act as a lobbyist.

His spouse is Teresa Strasser and they share one child, Nathaniel James Wachinski born via cesarean section on September 24, 2009.

The couple, living at 6102 E Carnation Cir in Phoenix, AZ are happy in their relationship for years and enjoy spending time together as parents to their daughter Gracie. Daniel is an excellent father who takes great care to provide for his daughter. Additionally, Teresa shows equal amounts of care towards Daniel as an equal partner in the marriage.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Wachinski hails from Panorama City, California and holds an impressive resume. After studying journalism at New York University and winning a Daytime Emmy for writing Win Ben Stein’s Money as well as other accolades and nominations. Additionally, he became known for co-hosting Adam Carolla’s show and won Best TV Host from The List 2015. Daniel married Teresa Strasser in 2008 and together they share two children; Andrew Bowen Wachinski and Emily Wachinski – according to public records he currently resides in Phoenix AZ

Recently, they welcomed their baby boy.

Personal Life

Teresa Strasser is an American television host and writer best known for hosting TLC’s home renovation show While You Were Out. In addition, she co-hosts Adam Carolla Show and has received multiple Emmy Awards. Born in Panorama City, California she married Daniel Wachinski in 2008.

On September 24, 2010, Teresa and Nathaniel Wachinski welcomed their first child together, Nathaniel “Buster” James Wachinski. Both mother and son are healthy; Teresa reported difficulty sleeping due to his new perspective.

Public records reveal that Daniel Wachinski resides at 6102 East Carnation Circle in Phoenix, AZ 85018 in the United States and was born June 1970.

Net Worth

Teresa Strasser is an American writer and television personality best known for anchoring the first season of While You Were Out on TLC and co-hosting Adam Carolla’s show (where she won multiple Emmy awards). Born and raised in Panorama City, California and married Daniel Wachinski in 2008, Teresa now co-hosts The List a television program that covers pop culture topics, news updates and current events; living at 865 Princess Dr Yardley PA 19067 along with her family – her annual income has yet to be released to media sources.

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