Dan Leonardi

Real Estate Lawyer Dan Leonardi

Dan Leonardi has years of experience managing both civil and criminal cases, from convincing federal prosecutors to drop indictments, helping grand jury targets avoid indictment, and winning case-ending motions to suppress evidence.

His career also encompasses work at Kellogg Company and Hanover Foods/Bickel’s Snack Foods; at Bickel’s he led sales initiatives for both regional Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and national Private Label business units.

Early Life and Education

Dan Leonardi transforms into an animal of pure rhythm when he steps behind the drum set, taking inspiration from each of its beats to send pulsing ripples through his arms, legs and head – becoming completely immersed in his creative space for four to five hours at a time. A native New Yorker.

On a typical Friday evening at Del Fuego Restaurant in St. James, Long Island, diners quickly fill its small dining room. Two attentive waitresses hustle from table to table offering guests complimentary red, white and blue tortilla chips served alongside Del Fuego’s popular spicy garlic salsa. Leonardi welcomes each patron as they enter and engages them in friendly small talk until a table becomes available – wearing an ironic button-down shirt and sporting tousled brown locks, Leonardi engages them all until seating becomes available at which point Leonardi greets them by engaging them in host small talk until they sit at their respective tables.

Professional Career

Dan Leonardi may spend his day job working, but when he sits behind his drum set he becomes someone different – immersing himself into rhythm for four or five hours at a time and letting it all flow over him.

His first Marvel appearance came in 1981’s Hulk Annual and it featured a Captain Universe tale where Bruce Banner attempts to destroy Earth by riding a nuclear missile into space. Claremont also collaborated on similar stories as well as one featuring Painkiller Jane/Hellboy (later in 1982).

Following that, Williamson gave him free reign to explore his ambition and produce Cloak and Dagger in 1983. Their work together is stunning – dynamic movement against stylish backgrounds makes for stunning viewing!

Personal Life

Dan Leonardi has an impressive track record of taking on enormous challenges and succeeding. As Global Real Estate & Workplace Resources Lead for Johnson Controls’ 72 million square foot portfolio, his success at building teams, businesses, and complexes is unmistakable.

At his day job as manager at a St James, Long Island Tex-Mex restaurant, Leonardi oversees its bustling space which welcomes hundreds of patrons each night. Dressed in an immaculate button-down shirt and sporting tousled brown hair and an engaging smile, Leonardi quickly grabs menus when newcomers arrive.

As soon as he sits behind his drum set, however, his quiet, unassuming personality quickly transforms into one of pure intensity. Even the faintest touch from an unexpected beat ignites his arm waving, leg kicking and head bobbing – as his drum solo begins playing!

Net Worth

Dan is known for taking risks and acting entrepreneurially; one such venture was building and selling off-campus student housing at Auburn University within 15 months – an amazing feat indeed!

Daniel is also a shareholder of Domo Inc. (Domo). In the last four years he made four trades of Domo stock and owned 137,000 shares as of August 28, 2023, increasing his net worth by an impressive amount – over $3.1 Million dollars! Furthermore he makes $331,159 serving as Lead Independent Director.

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