Dan Leibowitz

Dan Leibowitz

Dan Leibowitz is an award-winning teacher with Masters’ Degrees in both General and Special Education as well as Educational Therapy, along with over two decades of experience leading Learning Support Departments at Town School, Drew High School, and Jewish Community High Schools in San Francisco. As the father of two young sons he specializes in matching his students with appropriate assistive technology tools and features for organizing cognitive abilities.

Early Life and Education

Dan Leibowitz is a multifaceted educator with two Masters’ Degrees, teaching credential and certificate in Educational Therapy. A native of New Jersey, he attended private schools including The Wilson School in Mountain Lakes and Franklin & Marshall College before receiving his undergraduate degree from University of Vermont.

After working in both independent and public school learning services departments for several years in Weston CT public schools, he gained extensive experience supporting students with diverse learning profiles. His deep understanding of executive function impacts classroom, work and home life is evidenced in his work with students, teachers and parents; while his passion for education can be seen through tools that organize it. His presentations are engaging yet informative!

Professional Career

Dan Leibowitz earned both his Bachelor’s and Connecticut Teaching Credential from the University of Vermont and worked as a general education teacher for two years before turning his passion for helping kids into action by creating study skills and language arts programs at Weston public schools before moving on to San Francisco where he established Innovative Learning Services, offering assistive technology tools that simplify academic tasks while giving exciting presentations about these tools to students, educators and parents in Bay Area schools and districts.

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