Dan Kaner

Dan Kaner – Actor & Co-Founder of Oribe

Daniel Kaner, President and Co-Founder of Oribe, joined Estetica Magazine at an elegant breakfast event in Sydney to introduce its Power Drops. Daniel also shared some insight into leadership as the brand joined Kao Salon Division earlier this year.

Kaner and her partners – including legendary hairstylist Oribe Canales – recognized a gap in the professional beauty market that they wanted to fill through their boutique perspective.

Early Life and Education

Launching a luxury beauty brand during an economic downturn may seem counter-intuitive, but for Daniel Kaner and Tev Finger–founders and presidents of Oribe–it was calculated and deliberate decision. Kaner was well aware of what it took to launch successful products while maintaining strong customer relationships from his previous work experience with Aveda under Horst Rechelbacher as well as Bumble and Bumble prior to Estee Lauder acquiring Bumble and Bumble before buying out its predecessor Bumble and Bumble before Estee Lauder acquired Bumble’s.

Kaner believes fate has led him to where he is today and credits his childhood with inspiring him to learn as much as possible; even teaching himself piano and violin! Kaner strongly believes experience is the best teacher.

Professional Career

Kaner hails from Minnesota and began working in scrap metal recycling before making the move to New York. He credits both his family and Horst Rechelbacher – whom he credits as teaching him how to be a beauty leader – with keeping him grounded and on track towards success.

Kaner and Finger saw an opportunity in the professional hair-care market that would benefit from having an artisan approach and founded Oribe in 2008.

Kaner’s brand has flourished ever since its establishment, becoming part of Kao Salon Division in 2018. Today, Kaner discusses the significance of building strong client relationships and maintaining his business successfully, in addition to sharing his must-have Oribe products.

Achievement and Honors

Kaner is an accomplished composer, having written for some of the world’s premier musicians. He has been widely lauded for his orchestral imagination and poetic word-setting as well as textural delicacy and illumination precision, for which he has received multiple fellowships from foundations and arts organizations.

He is deeply engaged with all facets of Oribe, from product development to education, packaging design and sales and marketing strategies – as well as backstage hair for fashion shows worldwide.

SALON TODAY is proud to have such an industry icon as one of its presenters on our podcast! He is widely respected within his profession and has received multiple honors and awards, including twice receiving Gene Juarez Lifetime Achievement Awards! Additionally, SALON TODAY honors him with our podcast episode!

Personal Life

Kaner, as co-founder and President of Oribe, is actively engaged in all aspects of its operation from product development, education, packaging design and sales and marketing strategies to serving as mentor for his team and culture keeper for the brand.

Daniel Kaner and Tev Finger began their careers at Aveda under founder Horst Rechelbacher, where Kaner developed a love of beauty and strong work ethic. Following 14 years at Bumble and Bumble (14 for Kaner and 10 for Finger), the duo set out on a journey with hairstylist Oribe Canales to launch Oribe in 2008.

The pair identified a gap within the prestige segment of professional beauty, and envisioned creating a collection that would channel their passion for hairdressing into something with traditional roots but contemporary technology and premium ingredients.

Net Worth

Dan Kaner is an esteemed American actor estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Known for his role in various films and TV shows, his accomplishments in film have earned him much acclaim from fans around the globe.

Kaner hails from Minnesota where his sister introduced him to Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher. Soon thereafter he joined as their market director in New York, overseeing lifestyle store operations, salon distribution management, and building the brand’s school in NYC.

Kaner and his partners including hairstylist Oribe Canales recognized an opportunity in professional beauty services and created Oribe to offer an independent boutique perspective. Before joining Oribe he was EVP of marketing and partner at Bumble and bumble.

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