Dan Greenwood

Dan Greenwood

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Dan has served in every rank from second lieutenant to colonel within the Marine Corps, leading combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq on multiple occasions. Additionally, he attended and graduated from the National War College with extensive foreign policy knowledge.

Early Life and Education

Dan Greenwood, Professor of Law at Hofstra University. His research interests center around the structure and rights of business organizations as well as artificial or natural groups; moreover, his articles examine how democratic theory intersects with corporate law.

Since 2013, he has served as Marine Corps Liaison to the House of Representatives. While serving in the military, he held positions such as rifle platoon commander and mortar platoon commander for 2d Battalion 2d Marines as well as Airborne School and Marine Combatant Diver Course completion.

He currently serves as Director of the Human Performance Center and manages a team of scientists from multiple disciplines to deliver applied performance projects to solve injury and performance problems for coaching, training, development staff and medical staff. In addition, he has extensive international applied sport science experience working across numerous sports disciplines.

Personal Life

Dan Greenwood graduated with honors from the United States Naval Academy. At National War College he earned a Distinguished Graduate award and an M.S. in National Security Strategy; additionally, he holds masters degrees in Military Studies and Operational Studies from Marine Corps University Command & Staff College as well as from School of Advanced Warfighting.

He has led Marine Corps units at every rank from Second Lieutenant to Colonel and deployed numerous times to Afghanistan and Iraq. Additionally, he worked at the White House where he oversaw their legislative agenda in Congress.

He has published multiple law review articles and book chapters regarding the structure and rights of business organizations, problems of group rights in an individualist democracy, minority religious law and more. An avid sportsman himself, he enjoys both playing golf and being outdoors as an avid Cleveland Indians and Ohio State fan.

Professional Career

His research interests lie within pharmacy practice and medicine use in urgent care settings and clinical trials. He serves as senior lecturer at Anglia Ruskin School of Medicine, leading aspects of their inaugural Master of Pharmacy program.

He is a member of the British Pharmacological Society and leads question writing for their national Prescribing Safety Assessment program. Additionally, he sits on their Accreditation and Recognition Panel as well as being on their Accreditation and Recognition Panel of General Pharmaceutical Council.

Dan has extensive experience in congressional affairs having served as the Marine Corps’ Congressional Relations Officer. Working closely with both majority and minority committee members of both chambers to advance service priorities like disaster relief, energy efficiency, cyber security and regional security strategies were his focuses during his 29 year military career that also included multiple deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq and high risk/high threat U.S. embassies in Africa.

Achievement and Honors

Dr Greenwood holds a PhD in applied sport science and over 15 years of elite high performance sports experience, giving him insight into the challenges associated with real world solutions for injuries and performance issues in real time. He can bring together specialists from different fields to execute applied performance projects for coaches, trainers and medical staff.

His academic research includes the structure and rights of business organizations and other artificial or natural groups; the intersection between democratic theory and corporate law; and problems of group rights within an individualist democracy. He has published multiple law review articles and books related to these topics – even submitting a Supreme Court brief!

Dan is also active in local conservation work, having collaborated with the London Wildlife Trust at Sydenham Hill Wood on woodland projects. Additionally, he attends Northside Baptist Church.

Net Worth

He is married to Susan Devlin and lives together with her in Pacific Palisades, an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood.

He has an estimated net worth of 10 Million. He enjoys various streams of income and owns various assets like homes and cars.

Greenwood has written and published legal articles related to corporate law. He has taught courses on corporate finance, business organizations and torts as well as constitutional law II (civil and political rights), commercial law (not-for-profit organizations and comparative law), comparative law (corporate income tax), comparative tax and corporate income tax.

He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences as well as an Honorary Fellow of the American Law Institute, having also previously served as Director of Congressional Research Service.

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