Dan Gerrity

Dan Gerrity

Dan Gerrity is a partner at MMQ who specializes in accounting and tax services for various clients in financial institutions, manufacturing, real estate development and real estate investing. Furthermore, he oversees quality control processes at the firm as well as technology advancement initiatives and staff education planning processes.

Dr. Daniel Gerrity has taught physical chemistry at Reed College for over 12 years and specialized in 200-level lectures and lab courses, using short bursts of intense light to study chemical processes. His research is focused on this technique.

Early Life and Education

Daniel William Gerrity was captured during the Korean War and never made it home, remaining listed as missing in action to this day. At Arizona State University he earned a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in civil and environmental engineering; additionally he published peer reviewed articles, textbook chapters, and professional reports during this period.

In May, Nassau county executive John Mangano awarded Louisiana company CG-3PL with which Gerrity is associated a $4 million contract to cover immediate Sandy reimbursement work. Later in September, this same company donated $2,250 towards Mangano’s campaign.

Funding these companies from the infrastructure fund would represent a conflict of interest; yet there appears to be no policy or method in place to prohibit this practice.

Professional Career

Daniel Gerrity is a partner at MMQ with over 25 years of experience providing accounting and tax services to financial institutions and manufacturers, in addition to leading quality control processes and staff education planning at the Firm.

He holds both a B.A in Chemistry from Cornell and Ph.D in Physical Chemistry from Harvard, and currently teaches all physical chemistry lecture and laboratory classes at Reed.

He also boasts an extensive professional career as an engineer and researcher scientist, after receiving his PhD he worked as post-doctoral researcher for the Southern Nevada Water Authority and senior engineer with Trussell Technologies in San Diego; during this period, he also held assistant and associate professor roles for civil and environmental engineering courses.

Achievement and Honors

Private First Class Daniel Gerrity was captured during the Korean War and interned as a prisoner of war; unfortunately he never made his way home at war’s end and his remains have yet to be located.

At Reed College, Gerrity served on the Committee of Examiners for the Graduate Record Examination subject test in Chemistry for eight years and as Western Spectroscopy Association’s representative to ACS. Additionally, he published several articles and book chapters related to experimental physical chemistry.

Onstage, he made appearances of Cliff Jones’ musical Something’s Rockin’ in Denmark and Ionescopade; also, LADCC award-winning revival of John Godber’s Bouncers by LADCC award winner Steven Koven; as well as founding the Improvisational Theater Project in Los Angeles.

Personal Life

Martin Gerrity was a farmer and laborer working in the construction industry. Together with Margaret Heffron, they raised nine children – of which Daniel William Gerrity was captured during the Korean War as a prisoner-of-war but has never returned home and may have died or been killed while imprisoned there.

He has appeared in multiple television series, such as Cheers, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Night Court, Dallas and Knots Landing. Additionally he acted on stage – most notably as part of John Godber’s Bouncers at Odyssey Theatre that won an L.A. Drama Critics Circle award in 1992.

At Reed College, he taught all physical chemistry lecture and laboratory courses for his initial 12 years on faculty. His research employed short bursts of extremely intense light to investigate chemical dynamics and molecular structure.

Net Worth

Dan Gerrity’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $89 Million. He earns significant sums as a journalist at Fox News Channel and also owns many properties nationwide.

Gerrity contended that non-compete agreements should no longer apply as he no longer engages in engineering work. His current role with Bernhard Capital focuses solely on its infrastructure fund, not touching upon service funds.

However, we do not find the argument convincing; diverting money from an infrastructure fund to companies in a service fund would violate Gerrity’s non-compete agreements and we don’t see any indication from Bernhard Capital that their work on this fund does not indirectly benefit portfolio companies in their service fund portfolios.

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