Dan Demers

Dan Demers – A Modern Day Renaissance Man

Daniel Demers was an impressive Renaissance man who excelled at numerous disciplines and interests, spanning Grateful Dead music to Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries.

Dan has over 13 years of experience selling properties using the flat fee MLS model, designing and fabricating precise robotic welding equipment, as well as selling them through flat fee MLS.

Early Life and Education

Dan Demers worked tirelessly throughout his life to support himself and his family. To finance his college studies, he worked in Virginia City’s Comstock mines where he pushed tram cars, dug with pick and shovel, drilled holes for powder blasts and even dug underground tunnels using picks and shovels.

Dan was an accomplished hunter and fisherman, who especially relished brook fishing with his sons. A proud grandfather to four amazing grandchildren, his keen sense of humor and infectious smile were not to be forgotten.

Dan eventually moved to Lyndonville with his wife Betty for over 46 years before suffering a heart attack at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center on June 25. Betty was by his side during this tragic event. Dan died surrounded by family. He was only 69.

Professional Career

Dan Demers has over two decades of experience in sales, executive management and consulting/training across a range of industries such as real estate, financial services, technology manufacturing and government.

He has traveled widely during his career, visiting 31 countries. Additionally, he has participated in many philanthropic initiatives and been honored for them by multiple publications.

Dan Demers is a network analyst working at Bercell Integrated Technologies for over 20 years, currently located in Florida where his job takes him. He currently has two children and an angel spouse named Angel. Additionally, his hobbies include hiking, biking and traveling; plus spending time at his New Hampshire home.

Achievement and Honors

Demers was the recipient of two SOCAN awards and was also an original founding member of Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique (APCM). A pioneer in Franco-Ontarian music, Demers is considered one of the most significant Franco-Ontarian artists ever; his music and artistic contributions played a vital role in developing future generations of francophone artists.

He wrote numerous songs that touched on French and Franco-Ontarian identity, as well as devoting much of his career to fighting against sarcoma, an aggressive cancer that claimed his life at 38.

His family, friends and business associates are cordially invited to attend his funeral services on December 9 from 2PM to 5PM and 7PM to 9PM at the Alfred Dallaire Memorial Complex. To express our condolences in lieu of flowers we suggest making donations in his memory to Pascal T. Lafontaine Foundation in support of research for sarcoma research.

Personal Life

Dan Demers was an avid supporter of both the Maple Leafs and Blue Jays. Additionally, he could often be found watching Monty Python sketches or reading Calvin and Hobbes comic strips before spending his day making amazing things at his shop in Weare.

He designed a solar collector capable of producing both electricity and clean water from solar energy, hoping this design could assist people living in developing countries.

Demers is known for his work at Fertilizer Canada as well as being an accomplished musician and author, having published several books such as “1000 airs du Quebec et de l’Amerique francophone.” He has over 75 albums to his credit and co-initiated the Albion Sessions in Joliette as part of its initiative.

Net Worth

Daniel Demers currently holds an estimated net worth of approximately $3.5 Million and made his wealth through real estate business, specifically flat fee MLS model. Outside of real estate, Demers is interested in many other things including traveling to 31 different countries – hiking to Everest Base Camp was one of his more memorable experiences followed by 9-day motorbike tour through Thailand and picnicking along the Loire River in France.

He not only excels at real estate investment management but is also the founder of an investment management firm with his wife. Holding a Series 66 license entitles him to sell securities and advise clients about investments; his firm works for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans both in Wisconsin and Texas.

Demers currently resides at 191 Mornington Ct in Canton, Michigan for about two years – sharing it with Cara E Allen and Clive N Endress.

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