Dairy Queen Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday at Dairy Queen

The term “Taco Tuesday” is a common term in American restaurants that feature Mexican foods. The Rapid City Journal, South Dakota’s first newspaper to advertise Taco Tuesday, published the advertisement in February. The ads featured Snow White and a Spanish flamenco dancer driving by, encouraging people to eat tacos. Today, the taco is the most popular Mexican food in the United States, and most taco chains offer discounts on their tacos on Tuesdays.

I was in a rush and thought the DQ tacos were delicious when I visited Sulphur Springs, Texas. But I was very disappointed when I got home and saw that they only had a teaspoon of meat, three small pieces of tomato, and five shredded pieces of old lettuce. It looked like something a kid would make at Sonic late at night. It was disgusting. So, I’m not going to miss Taco Tuesday.

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