Dairy Queen Oreo Cheesecake Blizzard

Dairy Queen’s Oreo Cheesecake Blizzard is the Blizzard of the Month for June

Dairy Queen is making its Oreo Cheesecake Blizzard the Blizzard of the Month for June! This ice cream treat was originally part of the Summer Blizzard Menu, which launched on April 1, just twelve days after spring arrived. DQ now promotes it as a “new flavor” and it has many loyal customers. This ice cream treat contains chunks of cheesecake and Oreo cookie.

The Oreo Cheesecake Blizzard combines soft serve ice cream with pieces of Oreo cookies and cheesecake. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and salty. Another new flavor for this fall season is the Caramel Fudge Cheesecake, which features pieces of fudge-covered chocolate and salty caramel. This flavor is a limited-edition treat that’s sure to be a hit.

If you love the taste of chocolate and mint, the DQ Blizzard is an excellent choice. The chocolate fudge makes it a refreshing change from the standard cookie dough ice cream. It also brings out the sweetness in the cookie-dough bits. It’s a refreshing change from your standard chocolate-chip ice cream and captures all the goodness of frozen Thin Mints.

Cheesecake Blizzard’s flavor is similar to s’mores but it’s safer than mini marshmallows. To make a rich and creamy treat, the caramel topping is added to the ice cream. There are chunks of Oreo cookies and vanilla soft serve. If you’re craving something sweet and savory, you can’t go wrong with this unique cheesecake blizzard.

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