Dacre Montgomery And Millie Bobby Brown

Stranger Things Star Milli Bobby Brown and Dacre Montgomery

During Stranger Things Season 3 episode “The Battle of Starcourt Mall,” Milli Bobby Brown’s character, Eleven, is confronted with Billy Hargrove, a character who is said to be a bully. In the season finale, Eleven uses her psychokinetic powers to remind Billy of a happier time in her life. Billy, however, is stabbed by a Mind Flayer, a creature that is said to have taken control of Billy’s body. This has caused chaos in the fictional town of Hawkins. During the season finale, Billy is redeemed and saved by Eleven. The next season, Milli Bobby Brown is looking forward to playing a younger version of Eleven, which will involve attending high school.

The cast of Stranger Things has said goodbye to many beloved characters throughout the show’s three seasons. Milli Bobby Brown has shared her thoughts on controversial deaths in the series, which include the deaths of Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), Hopper (David Harbour) and Papa (Luke Wilson). While Milli Bobby Brown has not revealed any spoilers about the upcoming fifth season, she did not deny the fan theory that Eddie Munson will return as the Vecna’s second in command. However, creators of the show did confirm that Eddie will not return.

During the Stranger Things Season 3 finale, Billy sacrifices his life to save Eleven’s life. However, his death upset many fans. Fans speculated that Eddie would return as a Vecna fighter, and that he would have a part in the series’ fifth season. However, Milli Bobby Brown has said that Eddie’s return was a “good theory.” While she has not revealed any spoilers about the fifth season, she did say that she hopes that Matthew (Matt Davis) will return. However, she is not sure if she will play an older version of Eleven in the season.

Dacre Montgomery has praised his co-star. In fact, he has said that Milli Bobby Brown’s acting is good. He also shared a photo of the two on set. When asked if Milli Bobby Brown would play an older version of Eleven, Montgomery replied, “I think it would be great.”

Milli Bobby Brown recently spoke to ET about the Stranger Things seasons’ controversial deaths. She said that it took longer for her to get over the deaths of the characters than usual. She also said that the creators of the show knew that she would divulge details if they asked her to. Although she did not reveal any spoilers about the upcoming fifth season, Milli Bobby Brown does hope that Papa and Matthew will return in the season. However, she is not sure if there will be a plot in the season. This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 3 episode “The Battle Of Starcourt Mall.”

In addition to sharing her thoughts on Stranger Things Season 3 deaths, Milli Bobby Brown has also spoken about her relationship with Dacre Montgomery. She stated that she had a good working relationship with her costar.

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