Cuddling Drawing

How to Draw a Cuddling Couple

If you want to draw a picture of a cuddling couple, here are some tips. It can be difficult to draw two people hugging each other. It requires the right positioning and complementing of figures. Not all hugs look the same, so be creative and experiment with different positions and angles. To learn how to draw a cuddling couple, look at lots of reference photos. If possible, practice sketching several people in different positions and poses.

The proportions of a couple hugging are slightly different. One person’s torso may be hidden or missing. However, the head and arms will be in the center. Using your judgment, sketch the hidden parts from the front. Make sure that you draw the two persons side by side with slight overlap. Then, you can sketch the over-under positioning of the arms. If you use a sketching program to draw the couples, you will get a better picture.

Once you have completed the sketch, add the features. You can draw a couple looking at each other and hugging. You can include the couple’s faces so that they are looking directly at the viewer. You can also include details such as the hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. After all, it’s a perfect day to cuddle with someone you love! So get drawing and make your drawing of cuddling lovers look amazing! It will be hard not to love it!

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