Cub Furry

How to Stay Safe on Discord

Are you interested in becoming a cub furry? This article will help you get started if you aren’t already. This will give you an idea of the hobby. This art is popular and has a wide audience, but it’s still far from censorship-free. Here are some tips to keep you safe when you’re online. It’s safer and more enjoyable to not use your real name online.

The term “cub” may be used to refer to human cubs who are adolescent or grown-up furry roleplayers. Any imaginary character that is younger than the age of majority can also be called a “cub”. Some furries consider themselves to be cubs, while others may be more generalized. A cub could be a hardcore or softcore nsfw character or an OC based upon an adult character.

The legality of cub furry is not entirely clear, but there are a few things to keep in mind before allowing this type of content online. Child pornography is illegal in the United States, and “furry-cub porn” is no exception. While cub porn is a specific type of content, there are dozens of other examples of immoral, illegal, or otherwise unethical acts depicted in furry porn. In fact, rape is often included in cub furry, but it’s not considered child porn.

It is important to remember that cub artwork is not pornography. It’s an art form that isn’t considered porn. However, if the content is illegal, the furry community will face serious trouble in the future. There are some things you should keep in mind when considering banning cub content. The number of people who will visit the site without cub artwork is one of the most important considerations.

In an effort to make the community more inclusive, Discord has changed their rules regarding “cub” content. The original Trust and Safety policy of Discord was based on federal guidelines. However, some users have accused the company of hypocrisy. Discord staff member karridan (a member of the cub group) has been displaying explicit content that depicts underage animal-like characters.

The argument that cub art is harmful is also similar to the one that tries to justify sexually explicit comics and movies. While most cub art is wholesome and free of content, there are those who make the argument that cubs are gateways to the more dangerous world of adult rape. In this case, the argument is a flawed one. It makes sense though when it comes cub porn, which depicts sexualized anthromorphised animals.

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