Csi: Ny Characters

CSI: NY Characters

Many characters in CSI: NY are portrayed by different actors. Among them are Adam Ross, Deputy Chief of Bureau (David Julian Hirsh), Detective Kaile Maa (Vanessa Ferlito) and Aiden Burn (Carmine Giovinazzo). In season two, the series introduces a new character, Lindsay Monroe, who is the replacement for Aiden. Haylen Becall (Sarah Carter) is another CSI who joined the bureau after being fired from the FBI. In the series, she becomes a partner with Adam Ross and is a part of the FBI’s criminal investigation unit.

CSI: NY is the second spin-off of the original series, which premiered September 22, 2004. The show stars Gary Sinise. Several of its cast members are similar to those of The Wire. Larry Gilliard, Jr. plays Officer Omar Lilly in the CSI: NY episode “Crime and Misdememory.” He also starred as D’Angelo Barksdale on The Wire.

The show’s New York cast also includes Melina Kanakaredes as Temo’s Candy Company. After 75 years, the famous candy company in Five Points (NYC) closed its doors. Since leaving CSI: NY, Eddie Cahill has enjoyed a successful acting career. He played Detective Don Flack. He has also appeared as Detective Don Flack in movies like Conviction, Under the Dome, and LA’s Finest.

CSI: NY has been a hit for CBS. It debuted in 2004 and continues to be a hit with viewers all over the world. Although it is difficult to remember all of the characters, there will always be some episodes that will stand out. The CSI: NY characters are often quite lovable and charming. Even the smallest bits of evidence can be a great source of entertainment. Remember that there are many shows similar to CSI: NY.

Another recurring character is Brigham Sinclair. He first appeared in season three, when Stanton Gerrard was leading an internal investigation into Mac Taylor’s death. In this episode, Sinclair finds out that Mac Taylor had thrown Clay Dobson off a building. He kills Dobson, but later on, she is unable to stop the murderer from committing another victim.

In the third season episode “Some Buried Bones”, Mac and Reed form a close friendship. The fourth season sees Mac and Reed pursue a serial killer who uses taxi cabs as a murder weapon. However, Reed is hesitant to pursue the murderer because he doesn’t have evidence of it, and this affects his ability to pursue news. It’s a tense and dangerous episode and if you’re familiar with the plot of the show, you may enjoy this recurring character.

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