Crystal Wilson Buckeye

Buckeye Police Find Remains of Missing 10-Year-Old Jesse Wilson

An investigation was launched into the disappearance of Jesse Wilson, his children, and others. The mother of the two children was found dead in March, but it took two months to recover the remains. Crystal Wilson had left Arizona, where she lived with her two sons, and had been living in Georgia. Before she disappeared, the couple had a perfect family household. Crystal Wilson, according to reports, was not involved in any drug or alcohol abuse.

The Arizona Department of Child Safety started a dependency hearing against Wilson and sought to terminate his parental rights. Wilson was not present at the closed-door hearing. This left the process to continue. Crystal Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Cynthia Lauderdale claimed to be the biological grandma of her children in Arizona and is now trying to obtain visitation and custody. Ultimately, she is attempting to regain custody of the DCS children.

Crystal Wilson’s disappearance has led to another disturbing aspect in her family’s life. Her adopted son had two siblings, and she was pregnant at the time of his disappearance. Crystal Wilson, a mother of two children, told investigators that her son had fallen from a second-floor window the night before. However, when the remains were found, the biological father came forward. The investigation led the FBI, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Border Patrol to trace the boy’s remains.

After a thorough search of this area, skeletal remains were discovered. They were positively identified to be the remains of Jesse Wilson, a 10-year-old. His disappearance in July 2016 sparked a massive community effort to find his killer. Crystal, the mother of the victim, had called Buckeye Police Department’s non-emergency number on July 18, 2016.

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