Crystal Leigh Lauderdale

Everything You Wanted to Know About Crystal Leigh Lauderdale

Crystal Leigh is an American talent manager and the Head of Brand Partnerships at Universal Music Group. Crystal Leigh Lauderdale was born June 23, 1989 in Columbus, Georgia. She is most well-known as the girlfriend of Australian musician Michael Clifford. He is a guitarist with 5SOS. Their mutual love for one another and their respective careers led to their relationship. In January 2019, the couple announced their engagement.

Crystal Lauderdale was born on June 23, 1989, in Columbus, Georgia, and graduated from the Georgia State University in 2009. Although her parents are not well-known, it is believed that they were close to her. It is not known if she had siblings. Her father died in 2009. However, her mother has confirmed that she was a close family member. She is currently pursuing a career in the entertainment industry and is reportedly undergoing treatment for addiction.

She is a Cancer, which makes her astrological sign an unlucky sign for women. However, she has a remarkably positive attitude and is incredibly open and honest about her life. Crystal is known for her genuine warmth and openness, and it’s easy to see why her fans are drawn to her. Read on to learn more about Crystal’s personal life. You’ll discover everything you want to know about the famous star.

Crystal Leigh has a net worth of approximately $500 thousand. She lives in Los Angeles, California. She likes to wear designer clothes and has a tattoo on her ribs. She is also a fan of yoga. If you’re curious about her interests, you can follow her on Instagram. It will be a huge help to the world! Crystal has a passion for yoga. She posts photos of herself in yoga poses to her social media accounts.

A talented talent manager, Crystal Leigh’s social media presence has landed her in the public eye. Her Instagram account has more than 750,000 followers. She is involved in music management and has been studying college marketing. She uses a professional photographer, Jorden Keith, to take her photos. Despite all her followers, she still has much to learn. The only question is: What will her next move?

When she entered the modeling world, she was just 16 years old. Before she started her modeling career, she worked for a PR company. She has worked for commercial brands and publications like Budweiser. She starred in the music video “Right Now”, by Flo Rida, in 2009. She was also featured in a popular music clip before that. If you’re interested in following Crystal, do so.

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