Craig Jackson Net Worth

Craig Jackson Net Worth

The net worth of Craig Jackson is over $50 million dollars. He is a successful businessman and philanthropist. He supports a variety of charities, including the MLB. He also enjoys buying and selling cars, spending time with his family, and flying on his own private jet.

craig jackson has a net worth of more than $50 million

Craig Jackson has a net worth of more than $50million and a lot to offer. He has many hobbies, including collecting cars and supporting various charities. He has also sold and bought many cars, and enjoys driving with his family and flying in his private jet.

Craig Jackson has been involved in the collector car business since he was young, and has been doing so for over 50 years. He owns several luxury houses and a fleet of private jets. His wealth has grown as a result of his involvement in the industry. In fact, he has amassed more than $50 million, thanks to his many auctions.

he is a successful businessman

Despite his success, Craig Jackson is also a socially conscious man. He has dreams of creating a nonprofit to rehab homes and teach at-risk youth about real estate investing. He also runs his own podcast and has a social media account called the Real Craig Jackson. His personal interests include sports and cars.

His passion for cars began when he was a child. His father co-founded Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction with Tom Barrett in 1971. It was originally called Fiesta del Auto Elegance, and was later renamed the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. In 1972, Craig’s father started selling cars at the auction, with the first auction selling Adolf Hitler’s armored Mercedes-Benz 770K for $150,000. By 1997, Craig Jackson took over the company.

While most people think of him as cold and distant, Jackson is a true gentleman and takes his work seriously. He focuses on the quality of his offerings and the transparency of his transactions. His fastidiousness makes him a popular choice with customers.

he is a philanthropist

Philanthropist Craig Jackson has spent a significant amount of time helping people who are disadvantaged. He has partnered with organizations like the Phoenix Symphony and the Children’s Hospital of Arizona to raise funds for education and other causes. The Jacksons have also worked with nonprofits like TGen and Childhelp. Their foundation Barrett-Jackson raises money for charities that support children and veterans.

Craig Jackson is a man of many talents, including his passion for cars. He is the owner of Barrett-Jackson, a family-owned company that produces world-class automotive lifestyle events. He was also responsible for selling the last C7 Corvette to benefit charity. His philanthropy is also evident in his work with the American Heart Association.

Craig Jackson is an accomplished philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to various causes. The Barrett-Jackson Cancer Research Fund, created in memory of his late father, Russ Jackson, has raised over $2 million. The Jackson family has been recognized for their efforts by earning several awards. They received the Innovation Techanthropic Award from the Arizona Technology Council and the Men of Character Award from the Phoenix Theatre. In 2018, they also received the Childhelp Spirit of the Children Award.

he is a swimmer

Craig Jackson is an Australian International Coach. He was a swimmer for three years at Oakland University, under the tutelage of coach Pete Houland. During his career, he won three Horizon League records and three school records. He was also the 2014-15 Horizon League Swimmer of the Year.

Jackson competed for South Africa in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. He competed in the 100 metre butterfly and the 200 metre butterfly events. He also took part in the four-man 100-metre freestyle relay. In this event, he clocked the third fastest time of all time. He is currently a top age group coach in Australia.

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