Country Boy Meme

Country Boy Meme – Is it Really Possible for a Country Boy and Emo Girl to Construct a Dyson Sphere?

The meme of the country boy has become a hugely popular online phenomenon. This sarcastic image of a country boy and emo girl constructing a dyson sphere has reverberated across social media. Unknown user posted the original image on December 25, 2017, captioning it: “Is it really feasible for a country girl and an emo boy to construct a Dyson sphere?”

A country boy could be white trash, a prick, or a liberal hippy. Country boys are proud of their country and tend to be conservative in politics. Their choice of automobiles is also conservative, with an exception for Toyotas. Those with a southern accent, however, may fly a Confederate flag. 99% of country boys, however, are not white trash or pricks.

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