Conscious Sun Human Design

How to Be Conscious of the Conscious Sun

The Conscious Sun is the most powerful source of outer and inner transformation. It is located on the right side of the Human Design chart. This is the point at which energy flows into the Human Design Centers and leaves them. It is also called a “gate.” To be conscious of the sun’s energy, you must align with it and learn to use its innate powers. There are several ways to do this, which I’ll discuss below.

Getting to know your type is one of the most important aspects of Human Design. Each person’s type reveals how they were designed to interact with life. For example, a Generator may have an impulse to create. A Reflector has an instinctive sense of what others want. Likewise, a Projector will have a strong need to prove his or her worthiness.

As you learn to work with the Conscious Sun’s energies, you’ll experience a spiral of transformation that will reveal the truth of your Divinity. You’ll discover that you’re more worthy of love and acceptance than you’ve ever thought possible. You’ll also find that you’re capable of working with your own shadow and integrating it into your life. And, as you move into the Conscious Sun’s higher frequencies, you’ll begin to see how wisdom and intuition come from embodiment.

Your personal Human Design Map is the map of your purpose in the world. It’s also called your life path. The map has a set of gates, which represent potential traits. Every gate represents a different way you’re meant to interact with the world. Some of the gates are activated by planets, while others are undefined. By activating the gates, you can make your journey to the Conscious Sun more powerful.

In addition to revealing the most potent purpose for your life, the Human Design Gates will show you what tools are available to help you reach that purpose. One of the most important tools is the authority of your Type. With authority, you can live your Signature. Authority also gives you warning signals when to move on from the path that you’re on and onto a more suitable path. An example of an authority gate is gate number three, which faces the world through trial and error. If you are not willing to accept responsibility for your own beliefs and actions, you won’t have the ability to align with the Conscious Sun.

When you consciously use your human design gate, you are aligning with magical synchronicity. In this way, you can release the pressure that’s holding you back. Once you do this, you’ll have the freedom to create a powerful movement that will bring about real change in your life.

Learning to use your Human Design Gates can also be a great source of power for your community. For example, a Gate 32 can guide a group into well-being, while a Gate 26 can allow people to believe in themselves for their own benefit. Another common example is a Gate 48, which focuses on pursuing knowledge and education.

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