Colleen Ballinger Waitress

Actress Colleen Ballinger Joins Waitress

Actress Colleen Balinger will play the role Dawn in the Broadway musical Waitress. The musical, which debuted in 2016 and won a Tony Award for Best Musical, is based on a true story of a waitress and her abusive husband. The story centers on her affair with a gynecologist, and her attempts at winning a pie baking contest. It will air on CBS on June 9.

Actress Colleen Ballinger is joining the cast of Waitress, which will be the second of the musical’s two-year run on Broadway. Ballinger, best known for her role as Miranda Sings’ Dawn, will play the title role. She will replace Caitlin Holahan, who will be leaving the show on August 18. She will play the role of Dawn for a four-week limited engagement until September 15th.

Since her YouTube debut, Colleen Ballinger has appeared in blockbuster music videos and is also an author. She has a long-standing relationship with Netflix. Her character Miranda Sings was based on the role she played as a waitress in the show. This is the first time that a waitress has been featured in an original musical production.

Before becoming an actress, Colleen was a successful YouTuber as Miranda Sings. The character has over 10 million YouTube subscribers and hundreds upon thousands of YouTube views. She has worked with various celebrities, including Ariana Grande, and has been a vocal coach for her singing character. A YouTube comedy special will air on Netflix in 2019.

Recently, Ballinger’s YouTube videos have grown more candid. She has spoken candidly about her experiences after having a baby. She spoke candidly about her experiences as a mother, dealing with “mom hatred” and the changes in her body following pregnancy. She also featured a series of funny period skits in her videos. Waitress, her latest project, is directed and will be on Broadway until September 15.

Waitress will also mark Ballinger’s Broadway debut, and it will feature Todrick Hall. The singer has performed in many musicals, including Chicago, Memphis, and the Color Purple. With 3.2 million YouTube subscribers, Todrick Hall has made several albums and has collaborated with Taylor Swift. He has also collaborated with Miranda Sings, Toby Gad, and others. The result is an enviable lineup of Broadway performers.

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